Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RIP Stompin'Tom Connors

This weekend will be a Stompin Tom weekend here at my house. I had the opportunity to meet the man and see him perform many times in my life time. He was a fascinating man who loved his country. He was a proud Canadian, one of the most decorated and honoured Canadian Musicians and or person. He was born Thomas Charles Connors in Saint John, New Brunswick to the teenaged Isabel Connors and her boyfriend Thomas Sullivan. He was a cousin of New Brunswick fiddling sensation, Ned Landry. He spent a short time living with his mother in a low-security women's penitentiary before he was seized by Children's Aid Society and was later adopted by the Aylward family in Skinners Pond, Prince Edward Island. As a young lad raised in PEI he headed out at the age of 15 on the road to anywhere in Canada. He sang about what he had experienced while strumming his way through life, trying to make enough money to eat. He had a funny habit of stomping his foot while he played on stage. He would sometimes stomp a hole in the floor or wear the carpet thin. The local pubs would get upset and not want him to come back or pay restitution for the damage he caused to the stage floor, So he carried a piece of plywood around with him to stomp on. This became his trademark. He was willing to do anything to get buy in life Whether it be picking tobacco in Tilsonburg or singing a song about someone trying to make it big by selling cow shit made into fancy clocks to rich people "Margo got the Cargo" His Hockey Song made him most famous He captured the hearts of Canadians of all ages with his whimsical lyrics filled with folk lore and imagination " The man on the moon is a Newfie",or true landmarks linked to Canadian history "Big Joe Mufferaw" This made him easy to relate to with many Canadians . He was a drinker and a smoker, someone once told me he smoked up to 100 smokes a day at one time. He told me he had out lived all the doctors who had told him to quit. His jokes were funny and his music was up lifting and full of history that could not have been passed down in a better way. He was grateful to be able to live the way he did in this great country we call Canada. He was a humble man who was thankful for every fan he had. His fame never went to his head. He was a true family man which showed up so clearly in later music he wrote for his grand kids. He gave back his music awards feeling that Canadian music was being Americanized. He was not fond of anyone who jump ship going to the USA. He felt Canada had all we needed and to do so you were considered a trader to the rest of us who stayed true to our country. He was a true patriot all the way. He truly believed in Canada whole heartedly and made the most of all it had to offer. So this weekend while you enjoy your weekend off, Give a toast to a true Canadian legend and crank up some Stompin' Tom. Lets keep his legend and folk lore strong by sharing his music over a few beers with some friends , the way it was meant to be heard. RIP Stompin Tom Connors

Rest In Peace "Stompin'Tom Connnors" one of Canada's biggest Icons ,You will be sadly missed my deepest sympathy to your family at this time. We will miss you dearly but always remember....Bud the Spud ,Rollin' down the Highway smiling

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lilly The Fairy

Lilly the Fairy

When I woke up this morning it was raining outside. I had hoped to go out to play on my new slide.

I mope around the house looking for something to do. I didn’t want to watch TV, I wanted to do something new.

I tried to help my mom fold warm laundry for a while. Soon I got bored as I struggled with the sheets from the pile.

I stared out the window, hoping the rain would stop. While my mom swept the floor and got out the mop. 

The clouds rolled by and the sun began to shine. For my sake it was just in the nick of time.

I slid on my new sneakers and buttoned up my pink sweater. Hoping the fresh air and sunshine would make me feel better.

When I walked on the wet grass my sneakers would squeak. A cold drop of rain fell from a tree, it landed on my cheek. 

I could see my wet slide as I looked  for something to do. I wonder could I play jump rope or hop scotch; nope it’s better with two.

The sun was breaking through the big fluffy clouds, like a big spot light. It was illuminating the flower beds with all its might.

  I walked with my squeaky sneakers to admire all the colors of the flowers. They glistened like jewels with dew drops, from all the sun showers.

A rainbow of color that captured my suddden interest, I had to get closer to admire their beauty, I couldn't resist.

I leaned over to pick one, but much to my surprise, I saw something move, right in front of my eyes.

It looked like a butterfly, but it was hidden in a nook,So I got a little closer to get a better look.

It was a tiny little girl with beautiful wings. I blinked and rubbed my eyes I thought I was seeing things.

She was as startled as I and flew out right up to my face. She said `` please don`t tell anyone you have found my secret place.

My Name is Lilly, I `m a flower fairy you see, I`m from the Kingdom of Fairyland and there a lot more like me.

I work all day in the gardens that are all around but usually no one sees me I can fly without making a sound.

My wings got wet, when I got caught out in the falling rain, I was sitting here waiting for them to dry so I could fly again.

My job is to protect and care for the flowers, beetles and the shrubs
I even love to take care of the slow moving slimy slugs.

I work hard all  spring and summer  and in the fall I build my nest.The long cold  winter months are the only time I get my rest.

Would you care to help me, I still have lots of work to get done, The rain has slowed me down today but we can really have fun``.

She then flew so fast  twirling and spinning ,she flew so fast all around. So gracefully she flew like a big bumble bee then she gently landed back on the ground.

I flapped my arms and jumped up and down, I looked kinda goofy trying to be free, A magical fairy like her, I truly tried my best to be.

She laughed and giggled while watching me, such a good attempt she could not deny. Shaking her head with a big grin she said don’t you know big people can’t fly?

You can help me by being kind to the flowers and even the plants. Also by being careful not to step on the tiny hard working ants.

For everything has a purpose in life, we all need to give love and respect. The things big people take for granted us fairies vow to protect.

Keep these secrets I have shared with you, close to your heart. Remember them forever, for soon we will have to part.

Just than my mom called me from across the lawn, I looked a way for only a moment but now Lilly was gone.

I thought about Lilly while  I walked to the back door. Would she ever come back to teach me some more?  

"dedicated to my Great Niece Lilly Weir"
Written by: BarbaraKeeperofDreams

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

never trust anyone 100% on social media are you a believer

For the past 3 yrs I have encounter many people of Facebook and Twitter. Most people are on social media for friendship and some are there to share information that interests them. Some are here to sell and some are here to network. Being a woman with a kind heart and some people skills I have encountered many from all ranks of social media from Porn stars to Prince's . I have seen a lot of the comings and goings and met some really fascinating people. One thing I have noticed is there are many lonely people out there looking for companionship and support. We all like to escape the real world and go to where we can be supported, inspired and acknowledged. We friend people in our real lives on how they make us feel, same with social media. We love to be around people that make us feel good. Flirting is permitted and encourage to boost egos and friendships but it is always taken with a grain of salt a mutual understanding, and teasing one another falls into this same category. Everyone tries their best to help each other anyway we can.

But No one is real on any social media sites well I mean truly real, We don’t show our hissy fits or temper-tantrums as friends might see in real life, we can select what we want our friends to see. Not a real world scenario. We all have our good and bad days and our funny quirks. We want to believe all are loving friendly people. We all want to escape the real world for a moment.

But some take advantage of these kind, lonely, or gullible people and feed off of them. We all know the people who love to put others down to make themselves feel better, or people whom try to ruin your day with negativity, than there are drama magnets. But I’m talking about people who profit from your sympathy, compassion, and fear. These people know how to get you to fall for their schemes. They are so good you don’t even see it until it’s too late, you have been used or made a fool of and they know you won’t come forward out of fear or embarrassment.

I have been watching this one person for some time now and I had a gut feeling she was feeding off of people for attention she felt she needed and wasn't getting in the real world.  I'm not sure but she definitely demands attention.
Over time I have watched her get worse or as to say better at it. She knows how to work it to her advantage to gain money and sympathy. Which in my books is a form of fraud. Over the past 2 years she has made herself the victim of many different scenarios over and over at sometime she realized if she cries loud enough someone will feel sorry for her and send her money out of the kindness of their heart. So now it has become a terrible habit for her an addiction to the power and financial gain. She tries her best to be cheerful and loving supportive to all that will friend her,. Behind the scenes in private where she feels no one else is looking she is manipulative and demanding. She blocks anyone and everyone that talks the truth about her, so the unknowing friends will never see the bad comments about her. She demands that her friends block everyone she does, and if you don’t than she will block you. It is amazing she even has friends or followers. She hunts out the weak or people who are just like me and you and feels them out to see how easy they can be manipulated or lead on. She is good at this part and the poor unsuspecting people haven`t a clue. They are trying their best to be polite and kind and give a person a chance to be a friend, choosing not to see the big picture.
Every month or so she has a new drama that requires funds and or prayers to help her. It is now hard to tell which is true and which is not. With millions of people on twitter and facebook she always has new unsuspecting victims to use to help her . I finally have seen enough of this and want to bring this person to your attention. . I wanted to share some of what has been bought to my attention with all my friends so they can be aware of the evils out there on any social media sites and people whom claim to be victims who are not. This is sad because there are real people out there in need of help and support at times in their lives. Yes I have helped friends who’s houses have burnt down without insurance or been in an accident without insurance. But people like this woman hurt them from getting the help they deserve.
This woman is a well known figure on facebook and twittter you may have heard of her or even follow or friend her. to be nice  I removed her name as much as possible .I will let you figure it out . . I am not a hater or a cyber bully I have not contacted this person ever in anyway other than what I have wrote on this blog. I will let you decide with what I have to show you that has been obtained in public on the net. Maybe you would want to ask her for her side of this story,this post m opinion and I just question  of her claims , it is for you to decide. I will show you honestly what I have acquired from many friends whom feel the same way I do about her. I do not want to expose their names. I have blocked her  and have been blocked by her for sometime so I cannot see her feeds on her social media sites. This is a set of screen shots and messages I have been given by  people to show the public. I have received this information in the strictest confidence for they do truly fear being harassed by her and her herd of sheep following friends. She manipulates and hides all the facts and demands they do whatever she asks. They haven’t a clue who she really is. and either do I . And yes I'm aware of this from past experience and so are they, that’s why they asked to be kept anonymous and I can't blame them one bit.
Ok so here is the latest .

my question here is only  Why is she posting  on her own page as if someone else is posting about her?   As in a third party referring to her.  It is her posting to her wall is it not.  

ok she is back home and safe and posting as herself a little singed but she will be ok thank god, I thought for a moment she was creating another scam for more money, sympathy and attention. A nurse sent me this after seeing this post. she works as an ER nurse says “if she inhaled a fire ball and showed damaged to her throat as she claims she would have preformed intubation because the throat swells and closes fast and if the lungs or throat or nostrils have any signs of heat damage they wouldn't take any chances. Kind of sounds fishy to me” she said..  

oh damn I spoke to soon she is fishing  for money but having her loving caring friends do it for her. It is funny how fast they kick in and how they know exactly where to send the money, have they did this before? damn she has a paypal account already waiting for the donations. I’m so glad they are only asking for a dollar from everyone, she only has  30,000 friends on twitter and 5000 more on facebook. so maybe she didnt ask for money herself but why would anyone even think she needed money to pay her medical bills with minutes of her returning home from the hospital.  

and another friend feels the need to spread the word she needs money and to go to her site and send it paypal  she hasn't even got the damn bill yet. Would not a world traveler have medical insurance. If you can afford to take lavish trips cant you afford medical insurance.. No one I am aware of or has anyone come forward with proof of any medical bill regarding the  request for funds to pay this mystery bill.
The best one that has been tweeted constantly over two years is  her cry for help because she was being foreclosed on with her house and needed help to pay the bills . I never understood that because a year before she posted she was renting a place because she had went through a divorce and had sold her house and her ex husband was ordered to support her the rest of her life. I’m getting confused on which story to believe. I find this so weird that she has been in foreclosure now for 2 years. Maybe she wants to go shopping in Europe like she always tweets to  her friends. She tweetsdgoes regularly she goes abroad  to buy clothes Or goes sailing to Panama like she did last year. Or go for lunch with one of her celebrity friends. Even claims to have property in Hawaii as a second residence. her other facebook account J****r A****a II claims that is where she lives.
she post this among other things but this one made me go search. she claims it s the plumber fixing her water heater under her sink.. not sure who keeps there water heater under their sink but apparently she does  I found this pic on yahoo image search under "plumber crack" page 2 first row posted there 2yrs ago.

look familiar lol with in a half an hour of me posting this picture and saying she was lying she posted on her wall that she was only joking. yes she has many fake accounts to spy on blocked friends walls like me , Yes I friend them because it keeps her honest as seen above. This is not the first time she has changed her tune after I have post a contrasting post to her lies. she has to be on the ball to keep the stories straight .
now a friend sends this message that was sent to them by her
January 10 at 7:14pm Report
I went to light the pilot under the water heater at 6 am yesterday and gas had been leaking all night. I had my face right down there looking for the pilot and it blew up in my face. My eyelashes top and bottom burned off, my hairline is burned, my brows all burned off, my left eye similar to a chemical burn, Inhaled fire in my lungs and throat so had to be treated and had heart stuff from the shock and fear of it so they hooked me up to heart monitor and EKG. I will recover fine, my hairline will grow back as will my lashes and brows and my eye will heal, no permanent damage to my sight. My spirit on the other hand has been traumatized and DR says Post traumatic stress normal when shocked like face looks like a sunlamp hit me but makeup will cover it in a few days....don't want to put anything but aloe and vitamin e on it now so no infections comes....have no insurance....ambulance ER and treatment will be in excess of 5K......prayers please `` quote    word for word  yes  I have a copy ..OMG I cant believe she is almost asking for money herself ... almost but not quite.

let’s go over some facts about water heaters now. 

I got this message from someone that wanted me to know the facts about water heaters and how they are regulated now with safety precautions they feel she may be not telling the truth

."I hate to be in a position to call someone a liar, but I know the entire room would have ignited if gas had been filling the room all night.

All water heaters since 1978 are equipped with an automatic shut-off if there is a gas leakage prior to the igniters.

and for those who made need to relight a hot water heater pilot light here is some info to refer too.”

How to Relight a Water-Heater Pilot Light"

Other messages I have received  are as follows, please let me explain I did not ask people to send me anything. I did not ask anyone to watch her. I did not ask anyone to lie or try to make her look bad. These messages I received are from some people I  did not even know.  I have met many people from her demands to them to block me and they ended up contacting me after she gave them my name.

“Please..... ask her for a copy of her license to practice as a counsellor. From research of which I'm personally aware (done by a REAL counsellor), she is not licensed nor has she had any formal training.

I could tell you a dozen stories of horrible attacks she's carried out on people via Twitter or Facebook. She sent ME an unbelievably nasty Skype message last year about the catfight she caused with "bleep" ~ I still have it if you'd like to see it. That's the fight where she told "Bleep" that she hoped she'd get cancer yes she  wished that on someone so much for being a person of love and light. or even human . she told the guy who was on his way to meet "bleep"that since she'd been married 3 times, she was a tramp.
she  was jealous of this woman dating this man. this what started this .. it was horrible to be involved in she showed and evil side of herself that was very unflattering .
``This woman is not qualified to help ANYONE. How about the time she told a young girl that her heart problems were caused because she was "a bad person in another life"?"”

`I found out about her 18 months's nice to see the world catch up with us.``
`I dumped her when she was tweeting about a suffering pet that she wouldn't euthanize. CrueAri DeVille.``
Letting a beloved pet suffer didn't set well with me. Especially from someone so supposedly spiritual. It screamed FAKE!`

ok my own two cents here .. that poor dog has been dying for 2yrs now of internal bleeding and I’m not kidding Ì have seen the tweets .

`.I have had a good friend on Facebook have to close his page and leave because he was chatting with her and thought she was a nice person.. he joked and flirted with her thinking that it was for fun soon it turned to horror. she started calling him at home search him out on line and finding his address and phone number. he was married and told her he was just flirting and not call him anymore . he made the decision to stay off Facebook for awhile and let her cool off and forget about him. but it got worse , she posted to everyone they were dating and he was leaving his wife to be with her. he was not around to defend himself and had no clue what was going on until his wife started getting calls from her at home telling his wife about her make believe plans to escape on a boat cruise around panama with him. well i don't need to say much about how his personal life at home changed for the worst . she had posted daily how he was off line because he was sailing to meet her and pick her up .. when yet the poor man was hiding from her and humiliated in front of all his friends. i tried to tell her to stop it ,to stop lying and causing problems for him at home for he was happily married and was just flirting .. but she had me blocked and told everyone i was lying .. well soon my voice was heard by her friends and she had no choice but to come up with a new story her new story was he soon posted after I made a public statement that he was coming back on to confront her lies which many friends will remember we actually timed her to see how fast she would come up with an excuse to get out of it. Well the next day she announced she had found out the he was a fraud after all her money and was a stalker on many dating sites she had found out. this poor guys life was ruined she laughs about it as she were the victim and taken advantage of but yet this poor man is to embarrassed to come back to facebook and he struggles to regain his wife’s trust ... and he was not the first i seen her do this too nor will he be the last.``

update , Jan 24th 2011

I had a conversation with a friend the other day I had to share not revealing who this person is but this is why I posted about scammers on my blog... It was posted publicly to my facebook wall  on this date. ...Jan 24th 2011
“Dear lovely Barbara, some one of my friends give me your name to report you, or block you, whatever, I don't understand wicked people, so, FB can delete you, and this friend I commented on her, after she asked me for donation, the word FAKE, so she called me on the phone, and blaming me, I told her exactelly that, I can write on my wall whatever I want to write, it's my wall, and it's my profile, and I don't like liers or fake people, I'm not on FB to please anyone, I'm real, and this fake person, her name is Ariaa, and she has a website for donation, I did, but afterward, I found that she is the most fake person on FB, God please forgive her, love you Barbara, you will be always my friend, regardless to that phone call, I have my bank statement for the donation under her name, shame, shame, and shame, hugs and kisses to you Barbara, and thank her for giving me your name, She had a problem with the heater that blew in her face, and doesn't have eye brows, or eye lash anymore, and she can't affored to fix the broiler in the basment so she needed any money, cried to me over the phone after that, that she needs... money to pay off the balance in the mortgage on her house other wise she will be in the street soon, going for foreclosure, and the house under her x-husband name, and she doesn't want to ruine his credit, and she pays $3000.00 a month as mortgage, and needs to buy another affordable house in Hawaii, with a mortgage around $800.00 a month, and her story on the phone while she was crying, doesn't fit, she couldn't connect the dots well, so I went online, I found her laughing with some other guys, talking sexy, and joking with them, like LMAO, and she was crying on the phone, almost 2 minutes ago, that's briefly what had happened,She has deleted herself from my friends list, I don't know how can I find her again, oh! she give me her phone # and called me, even until yesterday, to get more money, her phone # is
719 536 -**** (i removed the last 4 numbers)
My bank statement and my paypal, showed her name that she got the money from my account, I wish if we all can report her.By the way, she had told me that she has 2 profiles on FB``

This is exactly why I posted on my Blog about scammers on social media,, I seem to keep hearing about this same person doing this to so many of my friends and people I don’t know” . This conversation was on my FB wall in public I feel so sad that people are being taken everyday. Strong armed and bullied into donating to her fake cries for help. She claims she is being bullied by me and others by posting the truth about her. Well the gentlemen above sure sounds like she is trying to bully him into sending more money. I can only comment on what I see and share what information I have. How can you support or friend a person like this.

I sure hope you know what you are doing if you are helping her campaign for funds for her fake endeavours’ or supporting her . You could be left holding the bag when the law comes knocking, while she is nice and comfy in her new Hawaii condo.

So the moral of this story is :

please be careful whom you friend on social media , and never trust anyone on the net.100% this is my findings and how I choose to see it ,you may want to ask her about how she explains  it or other friends but please don’t send money to people that cry for help without looking into the facts not everyone is whom they seem to be... please leave a comment yeah or nay of my post .. I`m a fair person I will post all that are submitted. unless you are vulgar .


she has told all her friends to block me or she will unfollow or unfriend them . She has made a new hatred list and called it Satan people and I`m on the list she has also added a few other people to that list on twitter which I do not understand for they have had nothing to do with this post nor did I know them before this list was created but we are all friends now. They seem to  be real loving people like me that care for their friends. She preaches she is all about love and light Well I have never known any spiritual people that would make a list like that. I feel she is exposing her true colors to her friends and I hope they can see through their rose coloured glasses. I hope for the best for her to get the help she needs to be a better person. She needs to love herself and not feed off of sympathy and prayers of others; she needs to create her own positive energy out of self love. Practice what she preaches. Please leave a comment and read the ones posted

P.S. She has posted her eyes healed over night with the help of prayers and angels, she heals very fast. but her face is still shiny . I do feel very bad for anyone that is hurt in anyway. I wish  I could get these angels to heal everyone around the world that fast.

To update again , this is her at work again with her followers
after the Japan Earthquake

these next comments are taken from her FB wall shared to us by a mutual friend..


I have to share because I am worried. I told many of you 2 weeks ago about my vivid dream that Japan had 2 back to back 10 magnitude earthquakes...please pray I am wrong..hoping the nuclear fallout is the metaphoric second earthquake :(2 hours ago • March 13,201
8 people like this..
I did not use comments from others to protect them but will post a few of her other comments in this same post .
about an hour ago • ..Ari---ger Lets hope we can pray the second large quake away...would do those nuclear plants in for sure :( YIKES
33 minutes ago •.Ari----er thank you...have forseen more than 3000 events most documented like this one. I predicted Northridege 8 days before when Cal Tech told me there were no fault lines in the San Fernando valley and I told them it was right under my feet ...that the epicenter would be within a 5 mile radius of my was within 3 miles of my home when it occurred Jan 17 1994. Predicted Kobe Japan one year later to the day. Forsaw the events of 9/11 on August 26 weeks before, the TWA 800 crash and knew it would be over Long Island, Princess Dianas death 4 days before the wreck etc....they call it a spiritual gift yet many times it is much more daunting than you can imagine but I serve God/the LIGHT first and foremost....See More
32 minutes ago • .Ari---er Could be "blank" these things are often arbitrary...we will know soon I appreciate and respect your gift, Ariaa. You have quite a track record and, indeed, it is a spiritual gift although having such a gift can be difficult to bear. God bless you!

So This her is her PUBLIC response to those of us who commented on this post or retweeted it .


and than she started to post these on facebook and tweet them out ..

Yes this would add to the problem  its called cyber bullying and hate mail if you think you can con people into buying this list you are crazy. and if you feel so strong about these pêople why not say their names in public. because it is against twitter policy and facebook policy not too. or you would. seems you know a few rules from past experience.

My Conclusion
You may think that all of us are picking on one person but we feel the danger that is lurking. I want to help people to not be taken for their hard earned money or be controlled to feed her ego. We are truly worried. That is why we speak out. I only post facts nothing is fiction. And all that i have written is my opinion . And yes we feel it is a serious matter. I have not ever contacted her on any social media site. I have never expressed hatred towards her. I have only showed you what she has posted herself and added my opinion to it. That is not hatred I have opinion as does she. Funny she only thinks that there are only 25 of us that feel this way about her. That is one predication she is way off on..

 All Cult leaders all start out small,

are you a believer?

breakfast with funnybitch live and in your face

A conartist reveals all her secrets.

Please read the comments below very enlightening

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mother Earth is crying can you hear her ???

The world as we know it is changing rapidly
what ever way you choose to see it there are dramatic changes with the universe energy

MOTHER EARTH is a living breathing nurishing soul that has tried her best to absorb all we have dumped on her.

We have poluted the air she breathes
poisoned the blood that flows through her veins
 Her heart beat is fading fast.

Dancing insinc to the heart beat of mother earth is like CPR.
 It will benifit you and her
 you pick the music to dance to

 music is universal it has no boundries
it all evolves from a  heart beat.

in numbers there is strength.

Let these short videos connect you with the heartbeat of mother earth again.
 for those who appreciate a traditional spiritual  video
I give spirit dancer
and for those who prefer a more modern dance
I give you crazy worms

Check out these moves

What ever religion you choose to embrace please include mother earth in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Wolves

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.
He said, "My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.
"One is Evil - It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.
"The other is Good - It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"
The old Cherokee replied, "The one that you feed."

Via @AZBlueEyes Twitter

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dreams how to use the Power of Introspection:and Dream Jounals

Gaze into my eyes tell me your dreams

         I feel dreams have so much more meaning and healing properties to them than most people. Sometimes they seem to give us glimpes into the future.There are many types all  very interesting,capitvating yet connfusing dreams. We try so hard to understand them in our waking hours. They say that  the past ,present and future are all mixed in together in one dream making it hard to understand the dream.  Dreams have been puzzlingly documented  for  many centuries  and  I gather even longer. People whom spoke of dreams were known as visionaries, mystics, prophets, and shaman. There are many prophet dreamers in our past  Nostradamas and Smohalla to name of few famous ones. Famous for mastering the art of understanding there dreams and thier meanings to see the future. We all hold this capability wether we choose to use it and to what exstent is the question. 
     Frued says key symbols in our dreams relate to emotions and feelings that we feel and expierince  in our everyday lives. Therefore thousands of dream books have been written. I do not agree with all symbols in dreams for what a bird means to me in my stage of my life journey, is not what it may mean to you. I strongly advise people to keep a dream dairy beside their beds and write down all dreams you can remember. It is best to do this upon waking  for best results. (tip: trouble remembering dreams , set alarm clock for an hour before you usually get up and than  reset it for normal time. By doing  this it will allow you a small window to remember that fresh hour of dreams). Over time  keeping a dream journal you will begin  to see the symbols and reconize them easier. I personally have kept a dream jounal for over 30 years. I see and understand things now that I dreamt about when I was much younger and use this knowledge to understand present dreams.  Using a dream guide book is helpful as a tool to get started, but try to apply what that symbol really means to you not always what the book suggest. (the keyword being suggested.)
       Dreams have been used in many cultures to forsee the future and to heal ones body and  mind.   In India  they say one  must use the Brahma  the cave of the mind when dreaming. This Brahma  is located in the centre of the four lobes of the brain or otherwise known as the pineal gland. This maybe hard to control while sleeping  so hense meditation in quiet solitude is the best way.  
      The Native Americans and Myans call them visions, they feel it is a great honor to dream of what is to come.They encourage visions and try to recreate the cave of the bear or womb of the earth  A quiet dark solitude therefore the Dream Lodge.  Shaman have the gift of dreams to see the future and they are very respected by all members of the Native Culture. It is documented in native teachings that the bear does not sleep or hibernate  in the winter time he enters the womb of the earth to dream or truely seek interospection. (Translated it means reflecting looking inward, an examination of ones thoughts and feelings, to look inside.of oneself.)  
     Are dreams trying to tell us about how to cope with our individual lives? Maybe they are dealing with our emotions that we can not deal with while awake. Maybe they are trying to prepare us for future events or emotions.  Do they sometimes try to comfort us with love, joy and happiness. like when a deceased loved ones appear in our dreams. Maybe  a better example is when that dream girl or guy sneaks in to our dreams for some nooky? Why do we sometimes feel guilty for betraying our partners,  if it was only a dream?  Why is it we can never run fast enough to get away from the monster or evil person chasing us.? .  Why can we fly and float around the world in this dream state?. So many symbols to try to understand the hidden meanings.
      Repeatitive dreams are lessons we have not learned or life lessons we do not deal with in real life. Lessons we keep banging our heads on over and over. Sometimes our brains get smart and change the dream with different symbols but yet same lesson to learn hoping you will get it .  Life is sometimes very hard to deal with and our dreams try to self heal and deal with it while we sleep. We all need to sleep to allow our minds time to heal, process, reflect and learn. Lack of sleep has many negitive consequences which can effect us in so many ways.  Learn to dream and understand them and your life will be so much better for it.. Let the dreams deal with your problems so you don't have to. Listen to them, write them down. Learn what your future  brings.
     There is so many types of dreaming  one example is  Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is  when you learn to control your dreams like watching TV only you create and direct the dream.You can also select the actors ,props and location.  Try it, it takes practice, first thing is to realize you are dreaming than take control. You can slay the evil dragon breathing down your neck. You will be so surprized how good you feel when you wake up to find that you have  killed that smybol that has haunted you for so long. 
      Just remember your past present and future are all mixed together, it is up to you to seperate and reconize which is which. Maybe it can explain  all of your deja vu's . Just imagine being able to know what dream your deja vu came from in your dream journal. You will soon learn to see them before the after thought comes.

      The following are real dreams I have had or friends dreams I have been  privlaged to. I hope by sharing some personal dreams and life lessons helps you to see the links of symbols and the bennifit of keeping a dream journal.

     As a child I would have a scary terrifying dream I had two mothers, I would be outside playing alone and my mom would call me in the house for lunch from the front door of my house. I would start to walk towards her and another mother would call me to her from a the side door of the house . I did n't know which one to go to. I would be scared because one was nice to me and loved me with open arms when I approached her, But yet the other one would pretend to be nice and loving until I got close enough to be reached and than she would grab me and beat the livin daylights out of me. I had this dream for years and I never knew what mother to go to but yet I knew I had to go to one of them as to not make them both mad at me. Sometimes I was loved and and sometimes I was beaten , I tried to tell my mother this but she would just say it was just a bad dream.  I mean this dream stayed with me all my life it haunted the echos of my childhood mind.  I never understood it until one day 20 years later I was talking with my 10 year older sister I fnd out at the time I started having that dream my mother was taking mothers little helper pills  now known as speed. In real life  I never knew she was taking a mind ultering drug. but my dream child did.  when she wasn't on the pill that day she was loving and caring and yet on the pill she was hyper and short tempered. My sister remembers the dramatic mood swings but yet I did not. So I can now cross that dream off as solved and understood. 

   Early in my  marriage  I had a dream I was cleaning  a kitchen the colour of this kitchen stood out to me, it was coral. I was preparing a meal for a family that  I did not know. A man walked in and kissed me , he acted like we were married and I could feel the love we shared but yet I had never seen him before.  I thought to myself when I woke up, "What the hell was that all about.? Who was that man?"  I wrote it all down and tried to sketch the man in my journal. 16yrs later 3years after my divorce I started dating a man and moved in with him we decided to purchase a new house in a different city where he was transfered to for work. The last house we seen was the one, it had a coral kitchen and as I walked into the coral  kitchen  I looked at my new spouse and realized I had sketched him.. now it all made sense. 

     I have driven cars with no stearing wheels, I'm still trying to figure out if this is going to be a futuristic car I buy or if it symbolizes I have no control of my life ,who is driven?
     When my deceased father joins me in a round of golf, which was his favorite pass time not mine, is it his dream or mine. is it what I want to think he is enjoying where ever he is, or is it the easiest may for me to reconize him in his new world when he comes to visit me?

     I very dear friend of mine accidently overdosed ,I was best friends with his wife at the time. My friend was 6 months pregnant with his child had told him she would leave him if he didn't stop doing drugs and went to her mothers to teach him a lesson. Upon returning in the morning to find him dead of an accidently overdose, She remained in the house for years and raised their child. We would joke he was still around and that he did not want to leave because he was there to protect them. Everytime she had a date they would leave in a hurry due to unseen paranormal activity. that only they would see. We laughed about it a lot. We tried to tell him it was ok to leave but he wouldn't, you could feel him very strongly in  this house . Eventually she moved and sold the house to a man that was going to rent it out. She came to me one day and said when you die in your sleep can you still be stuck in that dream , like those dreams we have were your with someone that you feel the love from but don't reconize. I said I don't really know why do you ask.? She said she kept dreaming that he was lost and confused and wanted her back, every night. He hadn't realized she had moved on with her life. I said well try to reach him tell him she said she tried but she kept having that dream was it her or him creating  it?. We were baffled and called upon somemore expierenced people to help her. After there suggestions we went back to the old house were they felt he was and try to show him and tell him you have moved on and it's time for him to do the same. The house was empty now and for sale agian and the owner lived next door,we asked if we could peek inside for old time sake he said sure , as he walked us to the door he asked her what her name was agian he had forgot it, she told him he looked baffled , he said "The girl with the baby that just moved out had her exact name and she had a little girl the same age as yours". he showed us the old mail she had  left behind . the only difference was  middle initiial. Now what are the odds for her moving out and a girl with the exact same name and same aged little girl moving in.?  Who was dreaming and how powerful is a dream from either side.?  

     Well I  hope I  have enlighten you to pay attention to your dreams more and to keep a dream journal. We all have the gift of dreams we just need to learn how to obtain and use the power they behold, pleasant dreams my friends?  

If you have any questions about one of your dreams and need help feel free to contact me on twitter http://www.twitter/@keeperofdreams . or leave a comment and share a dream .