Friday, March 11, 2011

Mother Earth is crying can you hear her ???

The world as we know it is changing rapidly
what ever way you choose to see it there are dramatic changes with the universe energy

MOTHER EARTH is a living breathing nurishing soul that has tried her best to absorb all we have dumped on her.

We have poluted the air she breathes
poisoned the blood that flows through her veins
 Her heart beat is fading fast.

Dancing insinc to the heart beat of mother earth is like CPR.
 It will benifit you and her
 you pick the music to dance to

 music is universal it has no boundries
it all evolves from a  heart beat.

in numbers there is strength.

Let these short videos connect you with the heartbeat of mother earth again.
 for those who appreciate a traditional spiritual  video
I give spirit dancer
and for those who prefer a more modern dance
I give you crazy worms

Check out these moves

What ever religion you choose to embrace please include mother earth in your prayers.

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