Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RIP Stompin'Tom Connors

This weekend will be a Stompin Tom weekend here at my house. I had the opportunity to meet the man and see him perform many times in my life time. He was a fascinating man who loved his country. He was a proud Canadian, one of the most decorated and honoured Canadian Musicians and or person. He was born Thomas Charles Connors in Saint John, New Brunswick to the teenaged Isabel Connors and her boyfriend Thomas Sullivan. He was a cousin of New Brunswick fiddling sensation, Ned Landry. He spent a short time living with his mother in a low-security women's penitentiary before he was seized by Children's Aid Society and was later adopted by the Aylward family in Skinners Pond, Prince Edward Island. As a young lad raised in PEI he headed out at the age of 15 on the road to anywhere in Canada. He sang about what he had experienced while strumming his way through life, trying to make enough money to eat. He had a funny habit of stomping his foot while he played on stage. He would sometimes stomp a hole in the floor or wear the carpet thin. The local pubs would get upset and not want him to come back or pay restitution for the damage he caused to the stage floor, So he carried a piece of plywood around with him to stomp on. This became his trademark. He was willing to do anything to get buy in life Whether it be picking tobacco in Tilsonburg or singing a song about someone trying to make it big by selling cow shit made into fancy clocks to rich people "Margo got the Cargo" His Hockey Song made him most famous He captured the hearts of Canadians of all ages with his whimsical lyrics filled with folk lore and imagination " The man on the moon is a Newfie",or true landmarks linked to Canadian history "Big Joe Mufferaw" This made him easy to relate to with many Canadians . He was a drinker and a smoker, someone once told me he smoked up to 100 smokes a day at one time. He told me he had out lived all the doctors who had told him to quit. His jokes were funny and his music was up lifting and full of history that could not have been passed down in a better way. He was grateful to be able to live the way he did in this great country we call Canada. He was a humble man who was thankful for every fan he had. His fame never went to his head. He was a true family man which showed up so clearly in later music he wrote for his grand kids. He gave back his music awards feeling that Canadian music was being Americanized. He was not fond of anyone who jump ship going to the USA. He felt Canada had all we needed and to do so you were considered a trader to the rest of us who stayed true to our country. He was a true patriot all the way. He truly believed in Canada whole heartedly and made the most of all it had to offer. So this weekend while you enjoy your weekend off, Give a toast to a true Canadian legend and crank up some Stompin' Tom. Lets keep his legend and folk lore strong by sharing his music over a few beers with some friends , the way it was meant to be heard. RIP Stompin Tom Connors

Rest In Peace "Stompin'Tom Connnors" one of Canada's biggest Icons ,You will be sadly missed my deepest sympathy to your family at this time. We will miss you dearly but always remember....Bud the Spud ,Rollin' down the Highway smiling

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