Tuesday, March 29, 2011

never trust anyone 100% on social media are you a believer

For the past 3 yrs I have encounter many people of Facebook and Twitter. Most people are on social media for friendship and some are there to share information that interests them. Some are here to sell and some are here to network. Being a woman with a kind heart and some people skills I have encountered many from all ranks of social media from Porn stars to Prince's . I have seen a lot of the comings and goings and met some really fascinating people. One thing I have noticed is there are many lonely people out there looking for companionship and support. We all like to escape the real world and go to where we can be supported, inspired and acknowledged. We friend people in our real lives on how they make us feel, same with social media. We love to be around people that make us feel good. Flirting is permitted and encourage to boost egos and friendships but it is always taken with a grain of salt a mutual understanding, and teasing one another falls into this same category. Everyone tries their best to help each other anyway we can.

But No one is real on any social media sites well I mean truly real, We don’t show our hissy fits or temper-tantrums as friends might see in real life, we can select what we want our friends to see. Not a real world scenario. We all have our good and bad days and our funny quirks. We want to believe all are loving friendly people. We all want to escape the real world for a moment.

But some take advantage of these kind, lonely, or gullible people and feed off of them. We all know the people who love to put others down to make themselves feel better, or people whom try to ruin your day with negativity, than there are drama magnets. But I’m talking about people who profit from your sympathy, compassion, and fear. These people know how to get you to fall for their schemes. They are so good you don’t even see it until it’s too late, you have been used or made a fool of and they know you won’t come forward out of fear or embarrassment.

I have been watching this one person for some time now and I had a gut feeling she was feeding off of people for attention she felt she needed and wasn't getting in the real world.  I'm not sure but she definitely demands attention.
Over time I have watched her get worse or as to say better at it. She knows how to work it to her advantage to gain money and sympathy. Which in my books is a form of fraud. Over the past 2 years she has made herself the victim of many different scenarios over and over at sometime she realized if she cries loud enough someone will feel sorry for her and send her money out of the kindness of their heart. So now it has become a terrible habit for her an addiction to the power and financial gain. She tries her best to be cheerful and loving supportive to all that will friend her,. Behind the scenes in private where she feels no one else is looking she is manipulative and demanding. She blocks anyone and everyone that talks the truth about her, so the unknowing friends will never see the bad comments about her. She demands that her friends block everyone she does, and if you don’t than she will block you. It is amazing she even has friends or followers. She hunts out the weak or people who are just like me and you and feels them out to see how easy they can be manipulated or lead on. She is good at this part and the poor unsuspecting people haven`t a clue. They are trying their best to be polite and kind and give a person a chance to be a friend, choosing not to see the big picture.
Every month or so she has a new drama that requires funds and or prayers to help her. It is now hard to tell which is true and which is not. With millions of people on twitter and facebook she always has new unsuspecting victims to use to help her . I finally have seen enough of this and want to bring this person to your attention. . I wanted to share some of what has been bought to my attention with all my friends so they can be aware of the evils out there on any social media sites and people whom claim to be victims who are not. This is sad because there are real people out there in need of help and support at times in their lives. Yes I have helped friends who’s houses have burnt down without insurance or been in an accident without insurance. But people like this woman hurt them from getting the help they deserve.
This woman is a well known figure on facebook and twittter you may have heard of her or even follow or friend her. to be nice  I removed her name as much as possible .I will let you figure it out . . I am not a hater or a cyber bully I have not contacted this person ever in anyway other than what I have wrote on this blog. I will let you decide with what I have to show you that has been obtained in public on the net. Maybe you would want to ask her for her side of this story,this post m opinion and I just question  of her claims , it is for you to decide. I will show you honestly what I have acquired from many friends whom feel the same way I do about her. I do not want to expose their names. I have blocked her  and have been blocked by her for sometime so I cannot see her feeds on her social media sites. This is a set of screen shots and messages I have been given by  people to show the public. I have received this information in the strictest confidence for they do truly fear being harassed by her and her herd of sheep following friends. She manipulates and hides all the facts and demands they do whatever she asks. They haven’t a clue who she really is. and either do I . And yes I'm aware of this from past experience and so are they, that’s why they asked to be kept anonymous and I can't blame them one bit.
Ok so here is the latest .

my question here is only  Why is she posting  on her own page as if someone else is posting about her?   As in a third party referring to her.  It is her posting to her wall is it not.  

ok she is back home and safe and posting as herself a little singed but she will be ok thank god, I thought for a moment she was creating another scam for more money, sympathy and attention. A nurse sent me this after seeing this post. she works as an ER nurse says “if she inhaled a fire ball and showed damaged to her throat as she claims she would have preformed intubation because the throat swells and closes fast and if the lungs or throat or nostrils have any signs of heat damage they wouldn't take any chances. Kind of sounds fishy to me” she said..  

oh damn I spoke to soon she is fishing  for money but having her loving caring friends do it for her. It is funny how fast they kick in and how they know exactly where to send the money, have they did this before? damn she has a paypal account already waiting for the donations. I’m so glad they are only asking for a dollar from everyone, she only has  30,000 friends on twitter and 5000 more on facebook. so maybe she didnt ask for money herself but why would anyone even think she needed money to pay her medical bills with minutes of her returning home from the hospital.  

and another friend feels the need to spread the word she needs money and to go to her site and send it paypal  she hasn't even got the damn bill yet. Would not a world traveler have medical insurance. If you can afford to take lavish trips cant you afford medical insurance.. No one I am aware of or has anyone come forward with proof of any medical bill regarding the  request for funds to pay this mystery bill.
The best one that has been tweeted constantly over two years is  her cry for help because she was being foreclosed on with her house and needed help to pay the bills . I never understood that because a year before she posted she was renting a place because she had went through a divorce and had sold her house and her ex husband was ordered to support her the rest of her life. I’m getting confused on which story to believe. I find this so weird that she has been in foreclosure now for 2 years. Maybe she wants to go shopping in Europe like she always tweets to  her friends. She tweetsdgoes regularly she goes abroad  to buy clothes Or goes sailing to Panama like she did last year. Or go for lunch with one of her celebrity friends. Even claims to have property in Hawaii as a second residence. her other facebook account J****r A****a II claims that is where she lives.
she post this among other things but this one made me go search. she claims it s the plumber fixing her water heater under her sink.. not sure who keeps there water heater under their sink but apparently she does  I found this pic on yahoo image search under "plumber crack" page 2 first row posted there 2yrs ago.

look familiar lol with in a half an hour of me posting this picture and saying she was lying she posted on her wall that she was only joking. yes she has many fake accounts to spy on blocked friends walls like me , Yes I friend them because it keeps her honest as seen above. This is not the first time she has changed her tune after I have post a contrasting post to her lies. she has to be on the ball to keep the stories straight .
now a friend sends this message that was sent to them by her
January 10 at 7:14pm Report
I went to light the pilot under the water heater at 6 am yesterday and gas had been leaking all night. I had my face right down there looking for the pilot and it blew up in my face. My eyelashes top and bottom burned off, my hairline is burned, my brows all burned off, my left eye similar to a chemical burn, Inhaled fire in my lungs and throat so had to be treated and had heart stuff from the shock and fear of it so they hooked me up to heart monitor and EKG. I will recover fine, my hairline will grow back as will my lashes and brows and my eye will heal, no permanent damage to my sight. My spirit on the other hand has been traumatized and DR says Post traumatic stress normal when shocked like this...my face looks like a sunlamp hit me but makeup will cover it in a few days....don't want to put anything but aloe and vitamin e on it now so no infections comes....have no insurance....ambulance ER and treatment will be in excess of 5K......prayers please `` quote    word for word  yes  I have a copy ..OMG I cant believe she is almost asking for money herself ... almost but not quite.

let’s go over some facts about water heaters now. 

I got this message from someone that wanted me to know the facts about water heaters and how they are regulated now with safety precautions they feel she may be not telling the truth

."I hate to be in a position to call someone a liar, but I know the entire room would have ignited if gas had been filling the room all night.

All water heaters since 1978 are equipped with an automatic shut-off if there is a gas leakage prior to the igniters.

and for those who made need to relight a hot water heater pilot light here is some info to refer too.”

How to Relight a Water-Heater Pilot Light


Other messages I have received  are as follows, please let me explain I did not ask people to send me anything. I did not ask anyone to watch her. I did not ask anyone to lie or try to make her look bad. These messages I received are from some people I  did not even know.  I have met many people from her demands to them to block me and they ended up contacting me after she gave them my name.

“Please..... ask her for a copy of her license to practice as a counsellor. From research of which I'm personally aware (done by a REAL counsellor), she is not licensed nor has she had any formal training.

I could tell you a dozen stories of horrible attacks she's carried out on people via Twitter or Facebook. She sent ME an unbelievably nasty Skype message last year about the catfight she caused with "bleep" ~ I still have it if you'd like to see it. That's the fight where she told "Bleep" that she hoped she'd get cancer yes she  wished that on someone so much for being a person of love and light. or even human . she told the guy who was on his way to meet "bleep"that since she'd been married 3 times, she was a tramp.
she  was jealous of this woman dating this man. this what started this .. it was horrible to be involved in she showed and evil side of herself that was very unflattering .
``This woman is not qualified to help ANYONE. How about the time she told a young girl that her heart problems were caused because she was "a bad person in another life"?"”

`I found out about her 18 months ago..it's nice to see the world catch up with us.``
`I dumped her when she was tweeting about a suffering pet that she wouldn't euthanize. CrueAri DeVille.``
Letting a beloved pet suffer didn't set well with me. Especially from someone so supposedly spiritual. It screamed FAKE!`

ok my own two cents here .. that poor dog has been dying for 2yrs now of internal bleeding and I’m not kidding Ì have seen the tweets .

`.I have had a good friend on Facebook have to close his page and leave because he was chatting with her and thought she was a nice person.. he joked and flirted with her thinking that it was for fun soon it turned to horror. she started calling him at home search him out on line and finding his address and phone number. he was married and told her he was just flirting and not call him anymore . he made the decision to stay off Facebook for awhile and let her cool off and forget about him. but it got worse , she posted to everyone they were dating and he was leaving his wife to be with her. he was not around to defend himself and had no clue what was going on until his wife started getting calls from her at home telling his wife about her make believe plans to escape on a boat cruise around panama with him. well i don't need to say much about how his personal life at home changed for the worst . she had posted daily how he was off line because he was sailing to meet her and pick her up .. when yet the poor man was hiding from her and humiliated in front of all his friends. i tried to tell her to stop it ,to stop lying and causing problems for him at home for he was happily married and was just flirting .. but she had me blocked and told everyone i was lying .. well soon my voice was heard by her friends and she had no choice but to come up with a new story her new story was he soon posted after I made a public statement that he was coming back on to confront her lies which many friends will remember we actually timed her to see how fast she would come up with an excuse to get out of it. Well the next day she announced she had found out the he was a fraud after all her money and was a stalker on many dating sites she had found out. this poor guys life was ruined she laughs about it as she were the victim and taken advantage of but yet this poor man is to embarrassed to come back to facebook and he struggles to regain his wife’s trust ... and he was not the first i seen her do this too nor will he be the last.``

update , Jan 24th 2011

I had a conversation with a friend the other day I had to share not revealing who this person is but this is why I posted about scammers on my blog... It was posted publicly to my facebook wall  on this date. ...Jan 24th 2011
“Dear lovely Barbara, some one of my friends give me your name to report you, or block you, whatever, I don't understand wicked people, so, FB can delete you, and this friend I commented on her, after she asked me for donation, the word FAKE, so she called me on the phone, and blaming me, I told her exactelly that, I can write on my wall whatever I want to write, it's my wall, and it's my profile, and I don't like liers or fake people, I'm not on FB to please anyone, I'm real, and this fake person, her name is Ariaa, and she has a website for donation, I did, but afterward, I found that she is the most fake person on FB, God please forgive her, love you Barbara, you will be always my friend, regardless to that phone call, I have my bank statement for the donation under her name, shame, shame, and shame, hugs and kisses to you Barbara, and thank her for giving me your name, She had a problem with the heater that blew in her face, and doesn't have eye brows, or eye lash anymore, and she can't affored to fix the broiler in the basment so she needed any money, cried to me over the phone after that, that she needs... money to pay off the balance in the mortgage on her house other wise she will be in the street soon, going for foreclosure, and the house under her x-husband name, and she doesn't want to ruine his credit, and she pays $3000.00 a month as mortgage, and needs to buy another affordable house in Hawaii, with a mortgage around $800.00 a month, and her story on the phone while she was crying, doesn't fit, she couldn't connect the dots well, so I went online, I found her laughing with some other guys, talking sexy, and joking with them, like LMAO, and she was crying on the phone, almost 2 minutes ago, that's briefly what had happened,She has deleted herself from my friends list, I don't know how can I find her again, oh! she give me her phone # and called me, even until yesterday, to get more money, her phone # is
719 536 -**** (i removed the last 4 numbers)
My bank statement and my paypal, showed her name that she got the money from my account, I wish if we all can report her.By the way, she had told me that she has 2 profiles on FB``

This is exactly why I posted on my Blog about scammers on social media,, I seem to keep hearing about this same person doing this to so many of my friends and people I don’t know” . This conversation was on my FB wall in public I feel so sad that people are being taken everyday. Strong armed and bullied into donating to her fake cries for help. She claims she is being bullied by me and others by posting the truth about her. Well the gentlemen above sure sounds like she is trying to bully him into sending more money. I can only comment on what I see and share what information I have. How can you support or friend a person like this.

I sure hope you know what you are doing if you are helping her campaign for funds for her fake endeavours’ or supporting her . You could be left holding the bag when the law comes knocking, while she is nice and comfy in her new Hawaii condo.

So the moral of this story is :

please be careful whom you friend on social media , and never trust anyone on the net.100% this is my findings and how I choose to see it ,you may want to ask her about how she explains  it or other friends but please don’t send money to people that cry for help without looking into the facts not everyone is whom they seem to be... please leave a comment yeah or nay of my post .. I`m a fair person I will post all that are submitted. unless you are vulgar .


she has told all her friends to block me or she will unfollow or unfriend them . She has made a new hatred list and called it Satan people and I`m on the list she has also added a few other people to that list on twitter which I do not understand for they have had nothing to do with this post nor did I know them before this list was created but we are all friends now. They seem to  be real loving people like me that care for their friends. She preaches she is all about love and light Well I have never known any spiritual people that would make a list like that. I feel she is exposing her true colors to her friends and I hope they can see through their rose coloured glasses. I hope for the best for her to get the help she needs to be a better person. She needs to love herself and not feed off of sympathy and prayers of others; she needs to create her own positive energy out of self love. Practice what she preaches. Please leave a comment and read the ones posted

P.S. She has posted her eyes healed over night with the help of prayers and angels, she heals very fast. but her face is still shiny . I do feel very bad for anyone that is hurt in anyway. I wish  I could get these angels to heal everyone around the world that fast.

To update again , this is her at work again with her followers
after the Japan Earthquake

these next comments are taken from her FB wall shared to us by a mutual friend..


I have to share because I am worried. I told many of you 2 weeks ago about my vivid dream that Japan had 2 back to back 10 magnitude earthquakes...please pray I am wrong..hoping the nuclear fallout is the metaphoric second earthquake :(2 hours ago • March 13,201
8 people like this..
I did not use comments from others to protect them but will post a few of her other comments in this same post .
about an hour ago • ..Ari---ger Lets hope we can pray the second large quake away...would do those nuclear plants in for sure :( YIKES
33 minutes ago •.Ari----er thank you...have forseen more than 3000 events most documented like this one. I predicted Northridege 8 days before when Cal Tech told me there were no fault lines in the San Fernando valley and I told them it was right under my feet ...that the epicenter would be within a 5 mile radius of my home...it was within 3 miles of my home when it occurred Jan 17 1994. Predicted Kobe Japan one year later to the day. Forsaw the events of 9/11 on August 26 weeks before, the TWA 800 crash and knew it would be over Long Island, Princess Dianas death 4 days before the wreck etc....they call it a spiritual gift yet many times it is much more daunting than you can imagine but I serve God/the LIGHT first and foremost....See More
32 minutes ago • .Ari---er Could be "blank" these things are often arbitrary...we will know soon I appreciate and respect your gift, Ariaa. You have quite a track record and, indeed, it is a spiritual gift although having such a gift can be difficult to bear. God bless you!

So This her is her PUBLIC response to those of us who commented on this post or retweeted it .



and than she started to post these on facebook and tweet them out ..

Yes this would add to the problem  its called cyber bullying and hate mail if you think you can con people into buying this list you are crazy. and if you feel so strong about these pêople why not say their names in public. because it is against twitter policy and facebook policy not too. or you would. seems you know a few rules from past experience.

My Conclusion
You may think that all of us are picking on one person but we feel the danger that is lurking. I want to help people to not be taken for their hard earned money or be controlled to feed her ego. We are truly worried. That is why we speak out. I only post facts nothing is fiction. And all that i have written is my opinion . And yes we feel it is a serious matter. I have not ever contacted her on any social media site. I have never expressed hatred towards her. I have only showed you what she has posted herself and added my opinion to it. That is not hatred I have opinion as does she. Funny she only thinks that there are only 25 of us that feel this way about her. That is one predication she is way off on..

 All Cult leaders all start out small,

are you a believer?

breakfast with funnybitch live and in your face

A conartist reveals all her secrets.

Please read the comments below very enlightening


  1. I bet this wentch would make it in politics. Sad but true... Hey, I know of a couple truck lots missing their lizards. Coincidence? Nope.

  2. I have seen her posts from when friends have RTd them. I never realized what a fraud she was. How can she get away with it? I guess I can't judge people very well because she came across as a decent person. Boy was I so very wrong. I hope something is done about this. I have no problem giving money for someone truly in need but she is not such a person. Isn't this a crime? Someone needs to look into it and then report it to authorities. Thank you for saving me from not only following her on Twitter but also donating money. May God have mercy on her soul if she has one!

  3. The following is an email I received from Ariaa after removing her from my social contacts. It actually took me months to get rid of this woman. Never had an online stalker before and hoping to never go through this again!!!

    Date: 4/42010
    Subject: "Easter weekend"
    You are one screwed up woman. I had no intention of reconnecting with you after your mental break down over ??????. It is clear you had a crush on him and it is clear it disturbed you deeply that he was falling in love with me but I would have gone away quietly. I have blocked you and removed you from my life. You were NEVER a friend. Friends don't act like this. YOU were the one who encouraged me to have a relationship with him to begin with. You need to take responsibility for what you created! This was your bed to lie in not mine. You should seek counseling for those emotional issues. If you get into my facebook account again I will unleash on you in the stream. Good luck with your fake self. Goodbye bitch!
    Ariaa Kathryn Jaeger
    copyright 2005

    And yes, I have a copy of the email and many more, including photos and videos!

  4. This last incident really takes the cake. Look at the facts. Do you know anyone with a water heater under their sink? Is that where the pilot light is? This doesn't even make sense. Ok now let's play Devil's advocate. Gas had been building up all night in her kitchen (????) because of an unlit pilot light. Umm the last time I looked gas ranges might have pilot lights but sinks do not. The plumber is an old yahoo image anyways, so we know that's just something she threw in there to look legitimate. Though I think she probably should have used an oven story, at least it would make some sort of sense. Don't forget also that when gas fumes build up and you light a flame in such an area, it would cause an explosion, not singe a few eyelashes and a bit of hair.
    The story makes absolutely no sense to anyone with a bit of common sense. Within 6 or 7 hours she's home and soliciting for money. I feel badly for anyone that has been sucked in by this woman. Oh did I mention she manages to take a trip to Austria every year and probably owns more clothes, purses and shoes than 20 of us combined.
    In closing I'd like to say please check things out before you give money to anyone, especially on line. We've all heard of the scams out there. Do not be sucked in by Ariaa love and light Jaeger. She's a fake. Ariaa you should be ashamed of yourself. I'll pray for you.

  5. Barbee!! Thank you for doing this. This pisses me off so bad. Because on June 21 (as you and others know), I did have a TRUE TRAUMATIC event in my life. If it wasn't for social media and Paypal, I wouldn't have survived being able to tend to my critically ill husband. The money that poured in enabled me to not work and take care of my husband and pay for bills.

    People like this make me SICK. Like you said, it hurts the real people who need it and she should be brought down!

    Thanks again for posting this!

  6. I'm surprised and I'm not surprised. I've learned, also to not believe everything I read or trust everyone I meet 100%, but still was a bit surprised, and also happy that you posted this article. I do admit that I did question the whole weekend ordeal, being home after a fireball exploded in her face. Somehow that did not ring true. I work in the medical field and know that with burns, you are typically not kept in the ER, but rather placed in the burn unit. I did question the original post after finding out that she had posted it herself. In defense of the Yahoo pic of the plumber, if you read through that stream, you will find where she says this was a joke, (this was not the plumber who was there). Now I really question the entire "event". And so have to say I wondered about the mystery of the foreclosure, it seemed to have been solved without a problem. I am a believer in people and try to "trust" unconditionally but know that in social media frauds are abundant and do try to research the facts before sending money. There are so many people that truly do need any help they can get. There are more who ask for no more than prayers. And there are frauds. How sad the world really is.

    I won't block her from my lists, I think now I really need (ok want) to see what the next "major situation" is. I do however thank you for opening my eyes and making me take a good hard look! Thanks for posting this!

  7. This is not the first time this person has tried to get people to give her money through her Paypal account and it won't be the last. It's really no different than those Nigerian scammers who haunt everyone's email in-box. Buyer beware...

  8. she posted nthat the pic was a joke after i posted i found it on yahoo image search she has people watch my page ... im quite open dont mind if they do share with her it tends to keep her more honest and aware we can see her every word even thou she has us blocked.. wordpress is great for reading person DM's on twitter too ... nothing is a secret on social media..

  9. Barbee, didn't you post this picture a week ago? Very likely that someone shared it and she got it from you~!

    I have witnessed dozens of horrors at this woman's hands. A lesser known is when I (God forgive me, for I knew not what I had done~!) helped her with her registrar for her website and directed her url to her blog = where she now collects money~! She was using Register.com who was truly ripping her off so badly - I had to tell her how much she would have been charged by GoDaddy in contrast. She was infuriated and called Register.com with me hanging in the background. She gave them a tongue-lashing I will never forget - I'm sure they won't either. I recall thinking the charges WERE a hellacious ripoff, but this is just a customer service person - geez. She got them to drop many of the fees, but it was really the most awful thing.

    I also caught her red-handed in the Twitter stream using a non-English speaking tweep who was hitting on girls, instead saying he was suicidal and she asked for prayers and attention for him. As soon as the attention gathered, she tweeted, "Buy my CD~!" Ok, I have a business and I sell online, but I would NEVER stoop to such abhorrent methods to garner attention. This was right after the time (and I believe inspired by) Tila Tequila held a similar stunt, only saying she was suicidal herself. The problem with this is that those words have meanings. That word in particular and the ideas that are imparted around it can put ideas into peoples' heads that might not otherwise occur.

    I could go on and on, but it really isn't worth the energy. Barbee, it's very generous of you to take the time to warn others about her. Her stunts and antics really hurt all of us in the long run. I had not heard the story of the man you told - thought I had heard them all. Truly scary and truly sad.

  10. the surname says she is Greek.
    I know quite a few greek geeks who are honest...
    lol... she is an exception

  11. Yay Barbee.... Bravo my dear, Bravo. LOL I couldn't help but tweet this...hee hee

  12. To @value4money. First of all, I like to begin by stating the name's NOT Greek (far from it), however, if so, this has nothing to do with heritage or culture but *class!!
    The woman has no class. I mean, go ahead do crazy, but do it with class.
    Ariaa entertaines me (in some kind of sick way). Could you imagine Ariaa Jaeger on the Jerry Springer show... am sure many of you, just like me, would pay a dollar to see that!!!
    I know, our dear friend will be reading this, so from me to you Ariaa...
    I thank you, as a child I had Bozo the clown to entertain me. I now, have YOU;)

  13. 2 years ago Ariaa was lying all over Twitter about having a personal relationship with a famous movie actor/producer after having met him through Twitter. She phoned me several times, and once, she was excited about an upcoming 'lunch meeting' with him and his wife. They were to meet at the airport near her. A month later, she announced his Twitter account was a fake made up by another Twitter follower of hers. She was LIVID that he'd lie to HER! Hahaha! She told me the actor/producer's lawyers had contacted her and they had told her the actor/producer was very angry with the situation, and he cancelled his Twitter account. Turns out it was the faker who was found out when many people who personally knew the actor/producer reported this account/activity to the Twitter Fraud Department. When I asked her about all the phone calls she told me she'd had with the actor, she told me this 'faker' had been phoning her, doing impersonations of the actor on the phone, fooling her all along. Apparently she'd forgotten she told me about her 'lunch at the airport'. I queried her repeatedly about it, and she dodged my questions until I couldn't stand to even talk with her anymore. I stopped following her, blocked her, and didn't look back. Last week I saw a post about this 'plumber' incident, and have chosen to reveal my experience with her as a warning to others: BE CAREFUL Trust comes with time. It's difficult to wait for trust to truely build, and it's the only way to stay safe and sane in the social media.
    Ariaa also told me on line and during a phone call that she was in an accident years ago, and was medically 'dead' for 20 minutes. Apparently, during that time the she was dead, she met her god, and 'he' gave her an opportunity to spread his 'word', according to Ariaa, hence, her 'work' on Twitter began.
    I think she should work on herself, and stop preying on others. I have to admit, I do feel sorry for her. Something is lacking inside her for her to have such low self-esteem that she has to continue to lie and 'gather subjects' to worship her. She's brilliant at it, but such a dismal life when you realize it's all a house of cards. The wind is on Ariaa's horizon, and when it hits, she'll be blown away forever. I hope.

  14. I want to like all these comments. However I stopped following her a long time ago when I saw her and a friend of mine going at it. She never got the chance to get to me. I have similar friends though that believe this story. I am not someone who tells ppl to follow or unfollow like Ariaa has done today. This story simply does not make sense, and in my experience when something doesnt make sense it's a lie. I hope the PPL i care about will come to their senses soon. Can't pay pal do something about this. I I never knew you could use pay pal for personal donations. Tis is so wrong on so many different levels, and yes Ariaa Karma is a bitch and always comes back to bite and bite hard. I will pray for you.

  15. I tried to post with my name lele647 but it would not let me, mine is the previous post.

  16. Omg.. Thought something didn't seem right, when I would see her posting very negative things, enlighten me if you are a Spiritual person preaching love quotes, why then would you do that & the gas explosion?! Fishy!

  17. A couple of years ago, Kirstie Alley had posted that a very dear friend of hers had disappeared. Naturally, Ariaa pipes up that she can use her psychic ability to find her. Unfortunately, the woman was found dead. While everyone else was offering condolences to Kirstie, Ariaa tweeted that the next time this happens to contact her first. Forget calling the authorities just contact her. What a crock! This shows what an ego this woman has.
    I sorta feel bad for anyone taken by this woman.If you have given her money in the past or just sent some for her supposed accident than you have been taken. Thanks to you she is able to go yearly to Europe for a clothes buying spree. With the economy being what it is, I think you can spend you money more wisely. If you need a therapist go to a real one who is licensed. Not someone claiming to be one on the internet. I wish for this new year that people wake up and realize they don't need someone's love and light tweets to make their lives better. As for calling people who speak the truth haters/liars and Satan's workers, she needs to check herself first because that is what she is. She is what they used to call a charlatan. So save your money for people who truly are in need.

  18. ariaa jaeger. THIS. IS. KARMA.bravo to whoever started this site finally exposing the reality of this woman. very well done. peole need to see the truth behind these scam artists. maybe this woman can get the mental help she needs.no spiritual person would act this way. she claims to have been on oprah.this is illegal and is catching up with you sooner then you think - police in colorado have been made aware.

  19. OMG, Barbee, thank you for the courage to share this blog with others. I've known for a long time she was a fraud and have heard the stories. Did NOT know about the paypal account, so you enlightened me even more. People BEWARE of who you trust and share private info with on social media sites.
    I have made many wonderful real friends and a love on Twitter. @BlondeTXGoddess

  20. Thank You Barbee for this info! You are and have always been a genuine friend and I am truly thankful we met...on the net!!! I am new at social media and have learned quickly. I have had concerns and questions regarding this person a long time. Have asked reputable ppl questions. Been warned for a long time to avoid her. I just chose to ignore, not block & go on with life. I had actual convesations online & by phone with her. My red flags always came up b/c : 1. She wanted me to "purchase" her advice/online classes, which she said would "further" my career. 2. She wanted me to write her a song to sing (donate). 3. She has attacked me personally with comments on how I look. 4. She told me if I ever came against her or harmed her by "joining" ppl who think she is a fraud, I would be black balled in my career and by all her followers! I am sorry to say I chose to ignore her instead. But after "growing up" regarding social media..LOL..I don't need scammers/frauds or toxic ppl in my life! It contaminates creativity! @blndambition/LaineGrace Here's another Excellent website much needed! www.lovefraud.com for men&women

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Simply Unbelieveable, There are people out there who really do need help & people like this should be Hung!! I think your right you should check things out very carefully before you commit to any help. This was a great article Barbee! If for nothing else to educate people.

  23. Right on!!! Didn't realize so many people had figured her out.

  24. A person's motivation is not always obvious but with time you will sometimes see a pattern that indicates an ulterior motive. I too have wondered about this person's intention. I think many people benefit from the positive messages but then again there's this 'gut feeling' that says beware. Thanks for posting this information as a warning to others.

  25. I too have wondered about this person's motivation. I think some people really do benefit from the positive posts, on the other hand there is a also a blatant self-serving component that doesn't really jibe. Thanks for the heads up.

  26. Not a plumber - jeez are you kidding me? This person posts funny and humerous pictures daily. Anyone who believed she meant that this was the plumber who fixed the water heater sure is gullible. And on this and a few other assumptions you are crucifying her? What kind of person does that make you? Unfortunately, what you are doing is far worse than what you accusing her of. By the way the picture you posted above with the gun and all? Gee if I wanted to misread a picture (like you did) - I could wrongly assume that you were planning on shooting someone.

  27. Well nice for you to leave a comment, too bad you felt you could not leave your name on the comment to be taken more serious. If you feel that my blog is worse than what she is doing, than you sadly have your head up your ass. I only posted what I had proof of. She did mot post that pic as something funny to post She was asking people for donations to help pay him and medical bills. I don’t find that a laughing matter. I’m glad you used the word gullible you hit the nail on the head there didn’t you. Those gullible people you speak of are being conned in to sending her money based on her fictitious posts and if they don’t, they get bullied and threatened with a vengeance. I’m so sorry that you are one of those gullible people. I sleep well at night knowing I have stopped some poor hard working person from sending a con artist their hard earned money so she can take a trip or go for a massage. I wonder how much money you have sent her or is that just OK for those poor gullible people that you obviously don’t care about

  28. If Ariaa knew the Japan earthquake and tsunami were coming, why did she keep this important information to herself? How selfish of her! I guess she wasn't smart enough to figure out how she could have taken credit for saving 10's of thousands of lives had she spoken up when the prediction came into her head.

  29. Hey Barbee~
    I tried posting a comment yesterday, but the internet Wizards were being temperamental, and ate the comment.
    It was up to two years ago, now, that I blocked this nut everywhere I could. I am not quite sure how she got my phone number, because my number is unlisted, and I don't generally give it out, but I remember talking with her on the phone. It bothered me even then, but I chalked it up to a brain fart.
    Anyway, during the one phone call with her I had, after following her on Twitter for about two weeks, she told me about the 'dead for 20 minutes' thing she supposedly experienced. I was immediately suspicious, because I thought that there would be too much oxygen deprivation in her brain to allow her to be anything but a vegetable IF she had been revived. But, she was adamant that it had happened, and that she was 'chosen by god' (gee, that god guy sure chooses the sane ones, doesn't he?) to heal others. But, it would help ME if I could send her some seed money, just so she could bless it, and my reward would be ten times what I sent. (I am on fixed income, and usually borrow from Peter to pay Paul, so I don't send money to someone I don''t know. I will help with things like disaster relief - as in Christchurch, or Japan, but I refuse to give to anything that claims an affinity to that god guy.)
    By that time I was really leery of her, but hadn't blocked her arse yet. Then there was some sort of twitter awards thing that people were voting on. She was nominated for the women of twitter, and was in the top 20, or something like that. I was nominated (I think it was a joke) and was way back at number 900, or something. I thought it was something fun to do, and didn't see thee harm in it. I got a series of DM's from her saying things like, "we know you aren't seriously going to win this, so could you throw your support behind me? God wants me to win this, so I can reach more people". WTH? When I declined, and said I was getting out of the stupid thing, as it put a really nasty taste in my mouth because of the cat fight attitude I was seeing, she told me I should at least be wary of, I think it was 4 or 5 other women, and should block them on twitter, because they were satanic, hateful, and trying to smear her good name. At the mention of 'satanic', I blocked this weirdo, because what crazy god, evil, or otherwise, would choose some stupid twitter contest to declare a savior?
    I never got the "light" reference she uses in regard to herself, either. The light in her eyes seems to have gone out, and her gaze is more vacant and like dead wood, than it is compassionate and godly and peaceful. She really isn't pretty, in my opinion, either (although that is simply a personal observation, and not a reason to hate on anyone). She looks kind of 'snubby', if that makes sense.
    After I blocked her, I got messages from other women (and one man) telling me that she was acting like a nasty gossip, warning them away from me, because I had 'gone off my rocker', and I was untrustworthy, and was plotting to ruin her. They knew better, as there had never been mention of her in my twitter mentions, and I'm not that kind of person. So, they blocked her instead. I guess she was really vicious with her remarks about me, and it really stunned me.
    What a nasty piece of work!

  30. Whoever posted this comment (above) has been through the same experience I had with her a couple of years ago. She wants her "followers" (is this a cult??) to obey her COMMANDS and she spreads hate and punishment for those who refuse.

  31. The stories you share have not changed in the last 10 years. It's just easier for her now with technology, social media and paypal. I have just ignored her and did not realize how out of control the drama and con activities have gotten. I sensed the con early on and tired of the drama very quickly. I have just received even more validation. I hope that warning others will do some good. She does a lot of damage with her claims to good people who want to believe what she says.

  32. Love ya Barbee... you are a true friend!!

  33. I received an email from Ariaa begging the list it was sent to to keep the info confidential. She went into the "losing the house" which she has for over 2 years now. I actually lost my house during this 2 year period and we ended up giving away all of our furniture. We were homeless. I never asked her for anything but prayers. So when I saw this same bullshit from her 2 years later I started to get suspect. Then a week later she was posting pictures from Hawaii..a month later Europe! That did it for me.

    I regret that during this 2 year period she told me of certain individuals on twitter who were evil and to block them. I did believing her. If I could remember who they were I would apologize.

    I have saved this page for future reference for anyone I know personally that follows her.

    Thank you! God bless you!

  34. this is excactly why I felt i needed to do this blog post.. you are not the first and sadly not the last that she has victimized or tried to con. I wish more people would come forward with the truth. to support those that have. Im so sorry about your heart breaking house lose. Their are people you really only need a little help to get them back above the struggle they are in and people like her really hurt them. By taking money from them and aid in the tainted trust of real people who do care. if you would like i can post that email in strict confidence to the blog post not revealing your name so others can see the real person behind the scenes that she tries so hard to hide from others.. email me at keeperofdreams@rogers.com if you want it to become public for all to see. as you see i removed everyones names. and appreciate the courage it takes to come forward. where others tend to just look the other way.

  35. I haven't had any direct experiences as described above but I sure have been suspicious and as one of your respondents mentioned I felt intuitively there was something amiss. Spiritual people do not boast, brag or manipulate people into feeling sorry for them. I am sickened because she makes people less trusting of really truly honest good, sincere people. Thats the hard part. Thank you for this post as it is well documented and as my mother always said "it all comes out in the wash". She will eventually be investigated and her karma will return.

  36. Looks indeed like a typical con artist to me.

  37. Fellow Truth Seekers,

    Who is this person? Is this her real name? Did she have other aliases or was she known by other names before she became the persona that we know on Twitter?

    I ask because I cannot find any notable information about her on the internet, before she joined Twitter and became known to us as "Ariaa Jaeger." Info from a reputable Twitter app does show that she started tweeting on 2009-03-12 at 20:42:59.

    I have spent considerable time trying to find more information about her and there seems "to be none" prior to her appearance on Twitter (and some links pointing to her account on Facebook).

    So who is she?

    She claims (see http://www.ariaa.com/bio.html) that she's predicted 3000 worldwide events, carefully noting a few such as: 9/11; Diana's death; the Oklahoma bombing; and cataclysmic earthquakes like Northridge, Kobe & Japan. She also tweeted recently that she predicted the more recent Japan quake & tsunami of March 2011.

    Furthermore she claims to have been a guest on Oprah, and that she was elected as a "Who's Who of Global Business Leaders of 1994."

    What a shame that despite such glowing accomplishments, I can't find any supporting write-ups or documents about her. Is the internet doing INJUSTICE by keeping us in the dark regarding this golden woman's stellar accomplishments? Is she the greatest mystery of this century?

    I would like to know the truth. And if she is as accomplished as her bio claims, then I'd like for all of us to know so we can give her the due credit and respect that she so deserves! It's about time. Probably she is all that and we have been horribly shielded from the truth and thus have UNDULY WITHHELD our respect and trust from someone who is so well-deserving.

    So will "Ariaa Jaeger" come forward and set the record straight?

    In the name of truth & justice, I humbly submit myself.

    One Truth Seeker

  38. This really still boggles my mind, knew something was not right from the beginning, saw her talking about some1 who is very sweet on Twitter, thought to myself if you were a bearer of" love & light" you wouldn't preach hate"!!

  39. I just saw a news show about people predicting things. It was people from all over North America, and it was particularly about predictions of 2012, but there were other predictions as well - including things about earthquakes, natural disasters, and aliens. The people predicting these things were not well-known by me, but had their "followers & believers". But, they certainly didn't appear to be as well known as AJ claims to be - yet they were on TV, featured in a documentary.
    Why hasn't AJ made her predictions public like this - why isn't she on national/international news documentaries, if she is so "accurate"?
    One thing I know for sure is that a REAL person who was concerned with the well-being of others - a TRULY GIFTED PERSON, one named by god (any god), would NOT ask for MONEY to help others.
    If you look at all of the GREAT religious or spiritual visionaries in the world, NONE of them have asked for money. In fact, I remember teachings from all prophets, teachers, etc., telling people to GIVE to the POOR and NEEDY, citing that their own needs would be taken care of. (See Jesus as an example - he overturned the market stalls for the hypocrisy of moneychanging in the temples)
    All of those televangelists are in the same boat, in my opinion, as snake oil salesmen. and AJ is just another player in the fakery and conning of people who truly WANT to believe in goodness

  40. April 6th to april 7th twitter stream quotes hash tagged by #AriaaQuotes


    #AriaaQuotes"If you lend someone $20.00 and never see that person again it was probably worth it"

    #AriaaQuotes Right now somewhere you are a mighty money magnet. Money flows to you in the most extraordinary ways.

    #AriaaQuotes Today remember that a single day of selfless giving can wash away a hundred acts of selfishness. #quote

    #AriaaQuotes Right now remember ugly is a contagious disease. Abandon negative people

    #AriaaQuotes ~ Right now remember that dysfunction is normal. Seek to be abnormal #quote Ariaa Jaeger

    #AriaaQuotes~ Right now remember an open mind is on the endangered list.

    #AriaaQuotes"Never miss a good chance to shut up :)"


  41. The second 'quote' is not hers. It was written eons ago by someone by the name of Anonymous. #JustGoogleIt


    Anyone who has had the chance to be "hounded" by her and thus, have had phone convo's with her would have been able to filter thru her grand schemes. In 2009 I had probably 3 long phone convo's with her, all initiated by her. Shortly thereafter I cut all my ties. She still attempted to contact me but by then I already knew she was after me for something else other than friendship. How did I determine? Because she was probing about my finances! So I no longer answered any phone calls from her.

    But back to what I'm saying. I determined she isn't really that bright... Granted, she does have some voice talent. I don't know why she can't make enough money off her singing. Obviously she isn't able to monetize her voice profitably. I asked her on a phone convo why she's not recording on a big label. She told me, "who would want me? I'm already 53!"

    So the problem is: she isn't making enough money to sustain her capricious lifestyle! Her main offering is her spiritual coaching. Now anyone with half a brain would think twice to pay her to be a spiritual or life coach. Why would you? She is so emotionally & spiritually bankrupt, herself! How can she heal anyone when she, herself, isn't whole? She is so glaringly in need of help, herself. Who is the emotionally solid person who sells her services as a spiritual coach and yet brags about her Satan's list on Twitter? Or who is the life coach who openly tweets about needing financial help? Come on, it doesn't add up. Would you hire her? She is so broken, would you ask her to help you heal your brokenness?

    If you're sick, you'd find a good doctor or psychologist or counselor. You would not go to a mechanic, would you?

    Thus, it's obvious she has more outgo than income which is the root of the problem. So now she looks for other sources of $$$ to maintain the lifestyle she wants but can't afford. Men, of course, are her easiest prey. With them, she tries to use her guile & charm.

    I'm sorry for everyone who have fallen for her trap.

  43. spiritual warfare WTF is that .... friends you need to speak up take action dont ignore this ..

    New Quote after many people have been secretly messaged by her to unfriend and block many of us i guess she feels she has power of the kool aid...spiritual warfare WTF is that .... what a fucking hateful evil bitch. These people she is reffering to are good people, her friends , they have done nothing to her but be her friend but because they wont drink her kool aid and follow her commands ...she post this , this is pathetic and pure hatred to people. report this bitches ass.. this message was not meant for me it was meant to generally speak to her friends that she cant control ,people who want to stay out of it and not get involved. Dont let her get away with this shit. report her ass . stand up for ourself and your friends .
    Quote on Facebook April 13,2011
    Ariaa Jaeger
    "We are in a paradigm shift, there simply are no more gray areas. You are either operating in the LIGHT with LOVE as your guide or you are a part of the DARK, weak willed, no character, no spine, no discernment. You either listen to your inner voice or you listen to the ramblings of the maddening crowd. If you don't stand for what is good and right and true, you will fall for anything. Spiritual warfare is real, No better time than now to LOVE OUTLOUD" ~Ariaaisms~ Ariaa Jaeger~

  44. eat your words
    #AriaaQuotes Integrity is gauged best when no one is looking #Quote Ariaa Jaeger
    #AriaaQuotes~ When you see through the eyes of LOVE illusion falls away #quote Ariaa Jaeger
    "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." #Einstein #quote

  45. The quote dated April 13, 2011 eerily reminds me of the Guyana tragedy. Is it only me that sees a parallel in the message that Jim Jones gave to his followers 30 or so years ago?


    It's the same subtle but toxic brainwashing. I shudder at the uncanny similarity I detected.