Spiritual Writings

Mother earth is crying can you hear her.?

The connection and power of positive woman, http://t.co/WcAPyCa
women need to support one another and stick together and this been known for ages

The art of changing your energy and camouflage http://t.co/DFooGWN
every feel everyone is staring at you and you just want to blend in. this is how to do it.
 how not to be seen or be a victim

Animal Spirit Guidance http://t.co/2CZc2hN
what is Animal spirit guidance explained

Two Wolves http://t.co/Y5j6FL4
native folklore as to say

Dreams how to use the Power of Introspection   :
keep track of your dreams they truly mean something

How I found my name.Keeper Of Dreams http://t.co/7Lie83D
How I found my name a story of discovery

Were you scared of the dark as a child http://t.co/yUSHxbY
ghost under your bed. in your closet. your not alone