Saturday, September 26, 2009

Were you scared of the dark as a child .me too and for good reason...

As a child growing up in an average family setting, I had two older sisters and one older brother. My parents were average for the time, it was the very early sixties. My dad worked hard and mom stayed home to raise us. We had no religion in our house, they felt when we got old enough if we wanted to be religious we could choose one our selves. Various aunts and uncles were of many religions that we were exposed to and my parents would let us attend their churches if we choose to, when invited. But the one thing for sure at the time they did not believe in ghost or any paranormal stuff. There was no such thing as ghost in in their eyes. I was too young to know what a ghost or apparition was and they were never spoken of in my house. I knew I had a special gift but did not understand it. I can remember a few times I would say things to my mother about who was coming over and shortly they would show up. But she never payed attention to it.
I remember telling them on family trips I had been there before and my ridiculous babble was ignored. I would tell my mom her mom was calling when the phone rang she must have assumed I was a pretty good guesser. We went to the Montreal Expo as a family and got lost on the highway and ended up at wrong end of the city . Being the youngest kid I got to ride in the front and stand up on the seat in the middle. While mom and dad struggle to read a map and drive I told them "that I knew the way" and proceeded to name the streets in french which at the time I did not speak french or read. They followed my directions and we arrived to the right place safe and sound . Once inside this mammoth fair we were drawfed by the immense size and crowds. I wanted someone to carry me but to many kids to watch and was told to walk and hang on so I started to cry and begged to be picked up and was dragged by my hand with the rest of the kids. A few steps later a man stepped on my foot and they thought it was broken so I was carried to first aid centre were we were told I was fine just sore and they would have to carry me for the rest of the trip. Every show we went to see I told them how it ended or what was next but no one paid any attention to my insight until a few years later. (another story )
I was a very active talkative child with a huge imagination so it was hard to be taken seriously. I had my own room I was small around three maybe four. I had developed a sudden terrible fear of going to bed alone. My parents had seen this before typical child wants to sleep with parents. But there was nothing typical about my fear of being alone in my dark bedroom at the end of the long hall. They would tell me to go to bed and close my door, after tucking me in and sit with me for a few minutes. But the minute they would close the door and shut the lights off things would happen or appear. I was so scared of these things I would scream until I had no voice and could not breathe. The apparitions would stand at the foot of my bed and some would pace around my room My mom would come back and re tuck me in and say there was nothing there go to sleep after checking the closet and under my bed hoping it would be enough to calm me down. And than close
the door and leave.again this went on for weeks, I tried my best to tell them of the man that appeared at the end of my bed and stared at me and would disappear when he heard the footsteps of my parents coming back to my room. to yell at me to shut up and go to sleep.I tried so intensely to describe this man to them but the never paid attention to it. I was told that there was no one there, and to just go to sleep. So I got smart now and would not let them tuck me in without them covering my head and body tight like a mummy with my blankets, so I wouldn't see the man at the end of my bed. I told myself I was safe under there that it was my shield of protection and hoped it worked. In the silent darkness I could hear the man breathing and feel him touching my bed. Pacing the floor beside my bed. I would shake like a leaf in a wind storm. Wondering who he was and why he scared me so much. Soon I would start peeing the bed. I was to scared to get out from underneath my protective shield. If I ever dared to peek he was always right there standing above me looking down at me. he was a big man at least 6 ft tall 240 pounds he wore a brown suit and had blond slicked back hair.
I finally got the courage up to tell him to go away but he would not . Many nights I screamed so loud and so long my parents would lock my door and go to the basement and turn the tv up loud as to not here my screams of terror. I was under my shield all tucked in, not a piece of me exposed and than the man lifted my blanket off of me. I was terrified and ran to my locked door and just about ripped it off the hinges. My parents came up to what I thought was to my rescue but was spanked badly and told that this had to stop and to go back to bad alone. Again I tried to describe this man to them but they never acknowledged any of it. I was told it was all in my mind. So with that advice and a sore ass from the whooping I not dare come out from my shield of blankets again, I would lay on them so tight like a mummy. When I could feel him there I would scream at him instead of for help from my mom and dad fearing another whooping. I would tell him to leave me alone that I did not like him and to go away. Well this time he listened and he went through my locked door somehow and walked down the hall to the living room area and out towards the front door I could hear his heavy steps and the doors opening and closing behind him. Just than I her my mother yell from the basement right below me and I quote "Why are you walking around up there and how did you get out of the bedroom I warned you I'm coming up to spank you if you don't get back into bed." my mom comes up and I here her walking towards my door and she checks the outside lock it is still locked. She herd what I heard him walking around and leaving down the hall above her. I never had got out of my bed. from that time on I knew he was not part of my imagination which then told me he was real.If he was my imagination than how could she have heard him too. I felt relieved he was gone but feared he would come back.
As I got older I got braver to get up to go pee in the middle of the night but what an ordeal it was. My door was no longer locked but a used my shield of blankets over my Head as walked down the dark hall to the bathroom, once the light was on I felt safer. But now I had to get back to my room. So a would drape blankets over my head and run full tilt to my bed and jump in . One night as I was running down the hall with fear in every step I hit a soft wall I thought I must have taken a wrong turn and removed my shield to regain my direction and there as I look up he stands before me, it was him I ran into. I screamed and ran back towards my parents room for help. I jumped in there bed from 1o ft away waking the entire house. I was again punished for my stupid fear of the dark and dragged back to my bed. I don't think I slept all night hearing him pace the hall outside my unlocked door. My parents occasionally yelling at me to get back into bed cause they could hear him walking in the hallway thinking it was me but I never left my bed wrapped tight in my safety shield of blankets. .
I had this person with me for some years, but didn't speak of him for fear of getting a whooping for it. I got better of controlling my fear and would ask him not to come and scare me as I was getting ready for bed and it seemed to work for years but soon I was old enough to have sleep overs and guess what he came back, not for me but for them. We would be in my bed laughing and giggling telling funny stories and ghost stories of a six year expectations of ghost. Soon we would fall asleep but soon my friend would wake screaming of a man beside the bed. My parents could not beat this kids and make them go back to bed so they would drive them home in the middle of the night . because their fear was so bad they would pee the bed and cry for hours. my parents never connected it to my story of the same man and left it as children who can not sleep in strangers homes .

If I slept at there house we never seen anything. As I got older I was no longer bothered by this ghost or apparition unless I had sleep overs, we were older now and would sleep in the family room on the floor and watch scary movies all night , and when we went to sleep one of them would say "can you hear that, someone breathing hard " or the sound slow sliding socked feet make on shag carpet circling around our group on the floor. We chose not to sleep at my house anymore and go to the other girls houses. we eventually moved from that house but I often wonder if the new owners have scared children that won't sleep alone.. I have many more stories to write on these types of topics . I have had so many different unexplained experiences in my life time to write many .I will post my next blog soon...about more of my gifted terrifying experiences and how I got control of it ...


  1. I have a certain amount of belief in these types of incidents, but for such a young person, it's so hard to know for sure what is and isn't real. I suppose based on things that happen to you later in your life, it's easier for you to make this encounter more real than just the irrational fears of a child. Did you ever research the house in an attempt to find out who this man might have been?

  2. I believe you. I have had similar experiences. Recently, my mom's ex husband died, and last night I had a weird feeling, but was trying to get my mind off of him. I didn't want any visits like I have received from people who have died in the past.