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Dreams how to use the Power of Introspection:and Dream Jounals

Gaze into my eyes tell me your dreams

         I feel dreams have so much more meaning and healing properties to them than most people. Sometimes they seem to give us glimpes into the future.There are many types all  very interesting,capitvating yet connfusing dreams. We try so hard to understand them in our waking hours. They say that  the past ,present and future are all mixed in together in one dream making it hard to understand the dream.  Dreams have been puzzlingly documented  for  many centuries  and  I gather even longer. People whom spoke of dreams were known as visionaries, mystics, prophets, and shaman. There are many prophet dreamers in our past  Nostradamas and Smohalla to name of few famous ones. Famous for mastering the art of understanding there dreams and thier meanings to see the future. We all hold this capability wether we choose to use it and to what exstent is the question. 
     Frued says key symbols in our dreams relate to emotions and feelings that we feel and expierince  in our everyday lives. Therefore thousands of dream books have been written. I do not agree with all symbols in dreams for what a bird means to me in my stage of my life journey, is not what it may mean to you. I strongly advise people to keep a dream dairy beside their beds and write down all dreams you can remember. It is best to do this upon waking  for best results. (tip: trouble remembering dreams , set alarm clock for an hour before you usually get up and than  reset it for normal time. By doing  this it will allow you a small window to remember that fresh hour of dreams). Over time  keeping a dream journal you will begin  to see the symbols and reconize them easier. I personally have kept a dream jounal for over 30 years. I see and understand things now that I dreamt about when I was much younger and use this knowledge to understand present dreams.  Using a dream guide book is helpful as a tool to get started, but try to apply what that symbol really means to you not always what the book suggest. (the keyword being suggested.)
       Dreams have been used in many cultures to forsee the future and to heal ones body and  mind.   In India  they say one  must use the Brahma  the cave of the mind when dreaming. This Brahma  is located in the centre of the four lobes of the brain or otherwise known as the pineal gland. This maybe hard to control while sleeping  so hense meditation in quiet solitude is the best way.  
      The Native Americans and Myans call them visions, they feel it is a great honor to dream of what is to come.They encourage visions and try to recreate the cave of the bear or womb of the earth  A quiet dark solitude therefore the Dream Lodge.  Shaman have the gift of dreams to see the future and they are very respected by all members of the Native Culture. It is documented in native teachings that the bear does not sleep or hibernate  in the winter time he enters the womb of the earth to dream or truely seek interospection. (Translated it means reflecting looking inward, an examination of ones thoughts and feelings, to look inside.of oneself.)  
     Are dreams trying to tell us about how to cope with our individual lives? Maybe they are dealing with our emotions that we can not deal with while awake. Maybe they are trying to prepare us for future events or emotions.  Do they sometimes try to comfort us with love, joy and happiness. like when a deceased loved ones appear in our dreams. Maybe  a better example is when that dream girl or guy sneaks in to our dreams for some nooky? Why do we sometimes feel guilty for betraying our partners,  if it was only a dream?  Why is it we can never run fast enough to get away from the monster or evil person chasing us.? .  Why can we fly and float around the world in this dream state?. So many symbols to try to understand the hidden meanings.
      Repeatitive dreams are lessons we have not learned or life lessons we do not deal with in real life. Lessons we keep banging our heads on over and over. Sometimes our brains get smart and change the dream with different symbols but yet same lesson to learn hoping you will get it .  Life is sometimes very hard to deal with and our dreams try to self heal and deal with it while we sleep. We all need to sleep to allow our minds time to heal, process, reflect and learn. Lack of sleep has many negitive consequences which can effect us in so many ways.  Learn to dream and understand them and your life will be so much better for it.. Let the dreams deal with your problems so you don't have to. Listen to them, write them down. Learn what your future  brings.
     There is so many types of dreaming  one example is  Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is  when you learn to control your dreams like watching TV only you create and direct the dream.You can also select the actors ,props and location.  Try it, it takes practice, first thing is to realize you are dreaming than take control. You can slay the evil dragon breathing down your neck. You will be so surprized how good you feel when you wake up to find that you have  killed that smybol that has haunted you for so long. 
      Just remember your past present and future are all mixed together, it is up to you to seperate and reconize which is which. Maybe it can explain  all of your deja vu's . Just imagine being able to know what dream your deja vu came from in your dream journal. You will soon learn to see them before the after thought comes.

      The following are real dreams I have had or friends dreams I have been  privlaged to. I hope by sharing some personal dreams and life lessons helps you to see the links of symbols and the bennifit of keeping a dream journal.

     As a child I would have a scary terrifying dream I had two mothers, I would be outside playing alone and my mom would call me in the house for lunch from the front door of my house. I would start to walk towards her and another mother would call me to her from a the side door of the house . I did n't know which one to go to. I would be scared because one was nice to me and loved me with open arms when I approached her, But yet the other one would pretend to be nice and loving until I got close enough to be reached and than she would grab me and beat the livin daylights out of me. I had this dream for years and I never knew what mother to go to but yet I knew I had to go to one of them as to not make them both mad at me. Sometimes I was loved and and sometimes I was beaten , I tried to tell my mother this but she would just say it was just a bad dream.  I mean this dream stayed with me all my life it haunted the echos of my childhood mind.  I never understood it until one day 20 years later I was talking with my 10 year older sister I fnd out at the time I started having that dream my mother was taking mothers little helper pills  now known as speed. In real life  I never knew she was taking a mind ultering drug. but my dream child did.  when she wasn't on the pill that day she was loving and caring and yet on the pill she was hyper and short tempered. My sister remembers the dramatic mood swings but yet I did not. So I can now cross that dream off as solved and understood. 

   Early in my  marriage  I had a dream I was cleaning  a kitchen the colour of this kitchen stood out to me, it was coral. I was preparing a meal for a family that  I did not know. A man walked in and kissed me , he acted like we were married and I could feel the love we shared but yet I had never seen him before.  I thought to myself when I woke up, "What the hell was that all about.? Who was that man?"  I wrote it all down and tried to sketch the man in my journal. 16yrs later 3years after my divorce I started dating a man and moved in with him we decided to purchase a new house in a different city where he was transfered to for work. The last house we seen was the one, it had a coral kitchen and as I walked into the coral  kitchen  I looked at my new spouse and realized I had sketched him.. now it all made sense. 

     I have driven cars with no stearing wheels, I'm still trying to figure out if this is going to be a futuristic car I buy or if it symbolizes I have no control of my life ,who is driven?
     When my deceased father joins me in a round of golf, which was his favorite pass time not mine, is it his dream or mine. is it what I want to think he is enjoying where ever he is, or is it the easiest may for me to reconize him in his new world when he comes to visit me?

     I very dear friend of mine accidently overdosed ,I was best friends with his wife at the time. My friend was 6 months pregnant with his child had told him she would leave him if he didn't stop doing drugs and went to her mothers to teach him a lesson. Upon returning in the morning to find him dead of an accidently overdose, She remained in the house for years and raised their child. We would joke he was still around and that he did not want to leave because he was there to protect them. Everytime she had a date they would leave in a hurry due to unseen paranormal activity. that only they would see. We laughed about it a lot. We tried to tell him it was ok to leave but he wouldn't, you could feel him very strongly in  this house . Eventually she moved and sold the house to a man that was going to rent it out. She came to me one day and said when you die in your sleep can you still be stuck in that dream , like those dreams we have were your with someone that you feel the love from but don't reconize. I said I don't really know why do you ask.? She said she kept dreaming that he was lost and confused and wanted her back, every night. He hadn't realized she had moved on with her life. I said well try to reach him tell him she said she tried but she kept having that dream was it her or him creating  it?. We were baffled and called upon somemore expierenced people to help her. After there suggestions we went back to the old house were they felt he was and try to show him and tell him you have moved on and it's time for him to do the same. The house was empty now and for sale agian and the owner lived next door,we asked if we could peek inside for old time sake he said sure , as he walked us to the door he asked her what her name was agian he had forgot it, she told him he looked baffled , he said "The girl with the baby that just moved out had her exact name and she had a little girl the same age as yours". he showed us the old mail she had  left behind . the only difference was  middle initiial. Now what are the odds for her moving out and a girl with the exact same name and same aged little girl moving in.?  Who was dreaming and how powerful is a dream from either side.?  

     Well I  hope I  have enlighten you to pay attention to your dreams more and to keep a dream journal. We all have the gift of dreams we just need to learn how to obtain and use the power they behold, pleasant dreams my friends?  

If you have any questions about one of your dreams and need help feel free to contact me on twitter http://www.twitter/@keeperofdreams . or leave a comment and share a dream .

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