Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lilly The Fairy

Lilly the Fairy

When I woke up this morning it was raining outside. I had hoped to go out to play on my new slide.

I mope around the house looking for something to do. I didn’t want to watch TV, I wanted to do something new.

I tried to help my mom fold warm laundry for a while. Soon I got bored as I struggled with the sheets from the pile.

I stared out the window, hoping the rain would stop. While my mom swept the floor and got out the mop. 

The clouds rolled by and the sun began to shine. For my sake it was just in the nick of time.

I slid on my new sneakers and buttoned up my pink sweater. Hoping the fresh air and sunshine would make me feel better.

When I walked on the wet grass my sneakers would squeak. A cold drop of rain fell from a tree, it landed on my cheek. 

I could see my wet slide as I looked  for something to do. I wonder could I play jump rope or hop scotch; nope it’s better with two.

The sun was breaking through the big fluffy clouds, like a big spot light. It was illuminating the flower beds with all its might.

  I walked with my squeaky sneakers to admire all the colors of the flowers. They glistened like jewels with dew drops, from all the sun showers.

A rainbow of color that captured my suddden interest, I had to get closer to admire their beauty, I couldn't resist.

I leaned over to pick one, but much to my surprise, I saw something move, right in front of my eyes.

It looked like a butterfly, but it was hidden in a nook,So I got a little closer to get a better look.

It was a tiny little girl with beautiful wings. I blinked and rubbed my eyes I thought I was seeing things.

She was as startled as I and flew out right up to my face. She said `` please don`t tell anyone you have found my secret place.

My Name is Lilly, I `m a flower fairy you see, I`m from the Kingdom of Fairyland and there a lot more like me.

I work all day in the gardens that are all around but usually no one sees me I can fly without making a sound.

My wings got wet, when I got caught out in the falling rain, I was sitting here waiting for them to dry so I could fly again.

My job is to protect and care for the flowers, beetles and the shrubs
I even love to take care of the slow moving slimy slugs.

I work hard all  spring and summer  and in the fall I build my nest.The long cold  winter months are the only time I get my rest.

Would you care to help me, I still have lots of work to get done, The rain has slowed me down today but we can really have fun``.

She then flew so fast  twirling and spinning ,she flew so fast all around. So gracefully she flew like a big bumble bee then she gently landed back on the ground.

I flapped my arms and jumped up and down, I looked kinda goofy trying to be free, A magical fairy like her, I truly tried my best to be.

She laughed and giggled while watching me, such a good attempt she could not deny. Shaking her head with a big grin she said don’t you know big people can’t fly?

You can help me by being kind to the flowers and even the plants. Also by being careful not to step on the tiny hard working ants.

For everything has a purpose in life, we all need to give love and respect. The things big people take for granted us fairies vow to protect.

Keep these secrets I have shared with you, close to your heart. Remember them forever, for soon we will have to part.

Just than my mom called me from across the lawn, I looked a way for only a moment but now Lilly was gone.

I thought about Lilly while  I walked to the back door. Would she ever come back to teach me some more?  

"dedicated to my Great Niece Lilly Weir"
Written by: BarbaraKeeperofDreams


  1. That was truly beautiful Barbee.
    Maybe you could turn your creativeness into writing...
    Others have written childrens books,poems or something else.
    Create characters, tell their stories..
    Enid Blyton, Raold dahl...J K Rowling..
    All started with an idea & developed it..<3

  2. You always amaze me!!