Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Forest Fairies
While resting in the shade watching the river roll by, reflections of the trees ripple to the sides.
The wind blows softly through the leaves, singing the stories of what they believe.
A song sung quietly to whose whom listen, a story told with the tree spirits permission.
There once was a fairy whom lived over yonder, behind the cattails she would ponder.
Dipping her toes in the river to cool, mysteriously creating a tiny whirl pool.
She dances on the pebbles on the edge of the land, magically turning it to golden sand.
Sleeping under the pine trees on the trillium's at night, wrapped in blanket of moss until first light.
She wakes the song birds ,butterflies and bugs, they all adore her warm loving hugs.
Gathering flowers and berries for all to share, while dancing and singing thankful prayers.
In the spring she helps to perfume the air , by fanning her wings on the flowers with care.
Teaching the chipmunks and squirrels to bury their seed, only to take what they really need.
She sings with the song birds ,she taught them their songs, she sings every morning they all sing along.
In the days of summer when it gets muggy and hot, she guides to beetles to a nice shady spot.
Late at night the crickets sing her to sleep, while fire flies dance without missing a beat.
Soon clouds roll in and the wind begins to change, she must colour the leaves to prepare the next stage.
Building a nest of twigs and grass ,takes all of her time in the days to pass.
She makes a bed out of feathers and petals, selectively chosen out of near by meadows.
Sitting comfortably on her acorn chair, custome made for her by her friend the hare.
Burning maple keys to keep her warm, she is well prepared for the long winter storm.
Hot calm shell baths by fire fly lite, will help her through the long winters night .
Not long before the snow begins to melt, the wind will calm and the sun can be felt.
She'll put on her boots and comb her hair, before stepping out for a breathe of spring air.
Starting off with the tree buds first,she works here way to the river quenching her thirst.
Waking up the turtles and the frogs,coaxing the raccoons from there warm hollow logs.
She'll set the tempo for the trees to sway, you can still see them dancing even today.
So while you rest watching the river roll by, reflections of the trees ripple to the sides.
Look for the fairies that live over yonder behind the cattails, they have been known to ponder
written by Keeper of Dreams


  1. Very Nice! I will tweet this tomorrow

  2. love this peom .

  3. We are sisters from another mother! I flew out of the castle as Tinkerbell when I did the Disney U program. Yanni is one of my fave New Age Artists. Shall I go on?? I don't think so...may freak you out too much! The one thing I love so much about you is your talent for writing beautiful words that make sense.

    Much Love and Respect
    Chef Vanda

  4. Wow - this is really a wonderful blog you have put together. Your writing is incredible and truly paints a picture. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to reach out to share this with you. Thank you for the wonderful gift that you give to others...

  5. Forest Fairies is totally charming ~ love it!