Saturday, May 2, 2009

Animal Spirit Guidance

What is it?
Native and Mayan cultures have been using this secret way of guidance for 1000's of years, they believe that we are born with 9 spirit animals called your totem animals, these animals personalities all mixed together make your personality. These nine animals are always with you to guide you through your life journey. Some are your strengths and some are your weaknesses. They can help you in business situations and help you with friends and family. But mostly they are there to keep you on the right path, on your life journey. To become the best you can be. Just imagine a 1000 yrs ago you were not sure of how to handle a situation in your life. You would go and talk to your elders the physiologist of the time. Well take a seat on the ground in front of me and enjoy the sweet scent of sage burning , after a total smudging to cleanse yourself of negative energy and a gracious gift of tobacco to the great spirit . I behold a soft leather pouch that holds animal spirit symbols, a wolf tooth , a bear claw, a piece of deer antler. You would reach into the pouch and draw them out one at a time placing them in order as to what you are seeking and , as they appear out of the bag the teachings begin. The animal spirits can mean many different parts of there personality depending on the order of placement and what the elder feels is needed to align you on the right path at the time.

Some examples are :
The turkey ::::: the give away always being a giver, not being able to say no, give yourself to everyone nothing left for you.
The Wolf :::::::: the teacher are you a good teacher to others do they understand what you are trying to show them, or are you listening to someone trying to teach you.
The Lynx :::: the secret keeper also know as the sphinx he knows the secrets of the pyramids but never tells, can you keep at secret, or have you been keeping a secret for to long that needs to be told
The Black panther ::::embracing the unknown does the fear of the unknown hold you back, is the fear a legitimate fear. what have you missed in life because you were scared of the unknown the what ifs.

I have been thinking about opening a site to do these readings. I have a real talent a connection with these spirit animals. My readings are always help full and enlightening , if you wish for one contact me I am willing to help a one person a week only. I will be selecting those i feel really would appreciate it and use the information to help them move forward to become a better person and get on the right path of love and light.

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