Friday, May 1, 2009

The art of changing your energy and camoflouge

We learn the art of camouflage from the fox,native culture has applied the abilities of animals as guidance for 1000's of years. The Fox knows when to be seen and when not to. The sly one , he moves invisibly at times to sneak up on prey. We as humans have this ability but seem to lose it or ignore it. There are a few ways to help understand Fox energy and how to use it.

The first step to recognizing it is when you look at someone and they look back at you, we feel the energy come our way and respond to it. What are
you thinking of the person you looked at? What is the energy you are sending good or bad. the person will instinctively send it back , this human ability is hard wired in to us for our own protection.
Standing in line at the bank and you notice the guy in front of you has funny pants with weird shoes, as soon as you think that he will turn and look at you.
You go to the local bar with a group of friends your feeling pretty good about yourself, almost a little cocky, you feel you are the hottest person in the room. you are leaking all your sexual energy just by thinking that, and what you get back is the same person thinking the same way about themselves. Or you sit quietly sipping a glass of wine and you are shy and to yourself , but notice a interesting person at the end of the bar you glance over and than look away and so do they.You have now just sent the I'm interested in you energy. they got it , they may act on it , you will wait to see what the vibes tell you to do next, walk over or just continue to sit there.
The art of understanding energy is to pay attention to what your giving out. if you feel your a victim you will be a victim, you feel strength and courage you will be given the energy of respect that comes with it.
Learn to control your energy, having no thoughts of people while you walk down the street, practice makes perfect not an easy task to do, have no opinion of people, nothing sent out nothing given back, therefore making you camouflaged. almost invisible.
An old story goes that a group of hunters hired the best native tracker to take them hunting, he said they could get the best deer, moose and bear if they could learn the art of camouflage themselves, so they wore all there camo gear, he laughed at them. he could still see them. he tried to explain it but being impatient , they just told him to lead the way to the wild game,that they would follow him, he laughed as he walked ahead of them in to the forest. As they went to follow him he disappeared, they walked all over searching for him but were astounded by his quickness to fade away. they could not find the wise native man anywhere. there was no way he could have just disappeared so fast, , the wise old native man did not walk fast ahead of them he just practiced the art of camouflage, he took 10 paces in and stood amongst the trees thinking only thoughts of a tree, standing tall and strong, he was a tree ,well they walked by him several times looking for a native man not a tree and never seen him he blended in with the trees, just by changing his energy to that of a tree and having no thoughts of them.. other wise known as shape shifting in the native culture. that is how he gets close to the prey to hunt and to feed his family.
Energy can be used in so many ways just try changing yours it gets easier to do the more you do it.
Bad Energy Practice is to dump it on someone, when your energy gets so negative, we tend to dump it on the closes person. by telling them our sad story, trying to make us feel better by releasing it to someone else. usually a family member or a friend. if no one is around will we call them to send it to them just get it out of ourselves. This is not how it should be done but it is so easy to do. a good example of this is you are having a good day things are great, than a friend calls you up and tells you how much of an asshole there spouse is , they are dumping it on you, negative energy, they need to release it,you are the target their problem is about to be yours. You listen to them and side with them to make them feel better , they feel better and hang up. Now you have the bad energy and you have to dump it, so your spouse or family member is the closest, so they get dumped on by you and they say why do you change when you talk to that person,and the fight begins. Learn to block negative energy with a shield use love and light to surround yourself and bounce it back, or use an animal spirit guide like an armadillo imagine you are covered with this amazing suit of amour a shield. Still be compassionate and understanding with your friend, just don't absorb it be aware of it and what is happening.
Bad energy should be given back to earth so she can filter it, clean it and than release it back as positive energy once again ,that way no people get hurt and we break the cycle of negativity energy sharing. ways to give the negative energy back to the earth are write it down, than burn it. Give the ashes back to the earth she will absorb it and make it positive again ,water cleanses it take a shower, give it back to the earth that way or sit and meditate visualize it going back into the earth or ground and make it so. always protect yourself with love and light, and be thankful for the gift of it.... your very own invisible shield .

Learn to recognize bad and good energy and protect yourself , give good energy to get it back ... words of thought By: Barbara Dexter

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