Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grounding with a tree

Have you ever just sat and admired a tree.
to seek the strength it beholds is the key.
trees grow so tall and so proudly they stand
such a beautiful feature to enhance the land.
their foliage so green dancing on display
as their roots are driven down deep into clay.
soaking up the nutrients from the earth
so they can bare seeds like given birth
acorns and pinecones drop down to the ground.
while maple keys twirl with out making a sound
the bark is ruff and it is as thick as skin
to protect the tree from disease and sin
There is much it offers , that we can learn
but yet we continue to chop and burn
we need to stand strong and extend our roots
get grounded with the earth take off our boots
if you sit real quite you can hear them say
have you really admired a tree today ..??


  1. I know for sure I have been a tree at some point in life. I can not pass a single tree without first off feeling it's energy, well, sick, dying you name it I'll feel it. They are the lungs of Earth, people take them for granted..just hack them down without a second thought. I can't even look at a piece of wood furniture without worshipping the tree that it once was. My house is full of wood..I love the texture, the smell, the feel.
    There is a hotel in Dublin Ireland and standing in front of it is a California Redwood, for 2 days I sat under it, this 200 year old tree, I found an pinecone under it and brought it home...it hasn't grown but I look at that everyday and think of that magnificent tree towering in downtown Dublin.
    Thanks for letting me share :)
    where did you get that tree picture?

  2. Nice post. You give us much to think about and to be respectful of.

    ~Love & Light

  3. Love it!

    What a wonderful and powerful poem. I often stand underneath a tree when grounding - just something about its strength that fills me full.

    Thank you for sharing!


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  5. What a beautiful post i love this one and i admire it most of all because of my history of not having a father in my life and my biological father being the man that raped my mother and thats how i was born i always find a special significance in a tree because it bear's roots the roots are important to me just like the roots of family and history.. roots are a resemblence of good and bad you can come from good roots.. or bad roots you decide your course. and this is why tree's and branches and thorns on roses.. all resemble something about life for me the struggles the turns and the way we were raised all the way to the type of friends we commit to. Thank you for writing this blog i truly appreciate it!